1,800 Terror Refugees Infiltrated US Since Illegal Suspension of Trump Ban

Daniel Greenfield,

Judicial activists violated the law to shut down presidential efforts at common sense immigration reform. This is the end result of their attack on the Constitution and on our national security.

More than 1,800 refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen have resettled in the U.S. since a federal court judge suspended key parts of an executive order President Donald Trump signed on Jan. 27 that restricted travel from these seven nations, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. State Department data. Virtually all of these refugees were admitted after a federal court judge suspended the president’s executive order.

That’s 1,800 potential ticking time bombs. Though from the perspective of the activist judiciary, it’s 1,800 potential Democrats.

It doesn’t matter how many Americans they kill. It matters that they help elect Democrats, that they subsidize key lefty non-profits as clients of their welfare state. It matters that they can be used to attack the desire of Americans to be left alone by government.

And if another mass shooting or bombing happens, you can’t make a progressive utopia without killing a whole bunch of Americans.

This is why the bureaucracy has been fighting President Trump. Every week that our border security remains down, they can sneak in more and more of these migratory infiltrators into the country.

During the first full week of Trump’s presidency (Jan. 21-27), 870 refugees from the restricted countries entered the U.S., accounting for 43% of all refugee admissions during this time.

illegalvotes_small-2 1,800 Terror Refugees Infiltrated US Since Illegal Suspension of Trump Ban Terrorism  Note two things

1. Migrants from enemy Muslim countries have become a near majority

2. See how much damage and how much national transformation can be accomplished in only a single week

Every week that we have no immigration security, further damage is inflicted on our nation and her people. Every week, the invasion relentlessly continues.

In all, including refugees from countries with no travel restrictions, 6,095 refugees entered the U.S. during Trump’s first month in office (Jan. 21 to Feb. 17), a period that includes the week before he issued the travel order. Among these refugees, a total of 2,778 were Muslims (46%) and 2,610 are Christians (43%).

Note also how even though Christians remain the most persecuted group, Muslim infiltrators have become a majority of refugees.

We are in a war for national survival. The left wants to see us go down like France and Sweden. This may be our last chance to save our nation from the invasion.