2 most popular sports technology trends in 2017

Technology is playing a vital role in sports. We are seeing an evolution in a number tech sports devices and sporting is getting better and better. Technological advancement has also increased interaction between fans, participants and sporting activities. Here are some trends we noticed making great strides in the sporting world.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality has grown rapidly fast in recent years and it became an important part of sports since it was introduced. The technology is making huge progress in the world of sports within a short period of time. A new company emerged recently called STRIVR (Sports Training in Virtual Reality) and its core business is virtual reality. It is the leading company in performance training. STRIVR provide trainers with real-life conditions to train and eliminate the risk of injuries arising from training. Just like playing online casino games at canadian casino sites all the benefits are kept but the bad bits are removed.

virtualrealityonline_small 2 most popular sports technology trends in 2017 Technology

Training in a VR environment enhances player’s mental competence and decision-making skills. Since the previous year, deals have been signed between sports boards such as NFL, NBA, and VR companies. NBA is looking forward to offering fans one game a week in VR. Meanwhile, NFL plans to let fans view match highlights in VR. These sporting boards want to engage their fans using VR to give the real experience of the game.


Wearables have become part of the sport-kits in this technological era. Fitness tracking devices have been around since last year. But in 2017 they gained much popularity in the sports world. New technology is coming up, for instance, a US company called Halo introduced a pair of headphones that helps in improving mental health in sport and improve the performance of the athlete. 

This year in April, Major League Baseball (MLB) permitted the use of wearables such as heart-monitoring wrist band and a compression sleeve. In August, Fitbit the wearables giant unveiled its first smartwatch called Fitbit Ionic that can detect the amount of oxygen in the blood.