2012 Election Could Be Decided By Millions Who Don’t Vote

blame-non-voters-220x120 2012 Election Could Be Decided By Millions Who Don’t Vote

One of the things that always saddens me is to hear how many people don’t vote, especially in presidential elections. Thousands of American men and women have sacrificed their lives and their limbs to win and preserve our right to vote. There are millions of people around the world that yearn to be able to vote for their leaders while millions of Americans have the right but don’t exercise it.

Voting is like exercise and your muscles. If you don’t use it you lose it. The more people that don’t vote put us that much closer to a time when none of us will be able to vote.

My next door neighbor just told me this past weekend that this may be the first time he doesn’t vote. He told me that Barack Obama is the biggest crook in American history and he believes that Mitt Romney isn’t much better and that he just can’t bring himself to vote for either one. I urged him to vote for the lesser of two evils, but he replied that they are almost equally evil in his mind so that really wasn’t an option this year.

It seems that my neighbor is being joined by millions of others according to a new poll just released by Suffolk University and USA Today. Their poll indicates that as many as 90 million Americans will not cast a vote in November. They put that in perspective by pointing out that Obama won the 2008 election with about 70 million votes and McCain lost with about 60 million votes and an estimated 80 million did not vote. Imagine what could have happened if another 10-20 million Americans voted in the election. Could it have made a difference?

Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, David Paleologos identified many of those who said they would tend not to vote as being younger, minority, low-income populations. According to the recent poll, nearly two thirds of those not voting said they would vote for Barack Obama if they did vote. In an interview with OneNewsNow, Paleologos said:

“Although they have a predisposed positive feeling about Barack Obama, it’s sort of trumped by their disdain for the political system, their sort of unyielding anguish for where they’re at in their lives due to the bad economy and their general displeasure with the government, especially federal government.