25 Blogs Featuring the Best Places to Get Free Wi- Fi

Free%20WiFi 25 Blogs Featuring the Best Places to Get Free Wi- Fi

Finding free Wi-Fi, especially if you are traveling, can make a big difference to your cell phone bill. Even your own carrier is likely to charge you a premium for using their hotspots, so never assume that what you think is free, actually is. Every type of device, from PCs to laptops and tablets to smartphones offer different ways to connect to free Wi-Fi. With the right configuration and software, you can really increase your options for finding free Wi-Fi connections, too. These twenty-five blogs cover every type of device, so you can start searching for those valuable free Wi-Fi hotspots today.

    General Tips for Getting Free Wi-Fi

    There are a few rules you should observe when looking for free Wi-Fi, which will ensure that you get the best connection possible. Some hotspots require you to have or sign up for an account, while others impose time limits. Additionally, not all free Wi-Fi services are available everywhere. These five blogs will provide you with general tips on how to find the best free Wi-Fi hotspots and services.

  1. How to Have Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Go
  2. How to Get Free Wi-Fi from Hotels & More
  3. 7 Ways to Find FREE Wi-Fi
  4. Hotels with Free Wifi
  5. Using Your Airport Express to Get Free Hotel Wifi For All Your Devices
  6. Wi-Fi Tips and Tools for Macs, PCs and Tablets

    Configuring your device’s Wi-Fi settings for optimal performance will greatly increase your chances of being able to connect to hotspots. There are also a number of legal cheats that you can use, which will eliminate time restrictions and certain filters. These configuration changes are different for each kind of device. Remember, Macs, PCs and tablets typically have different operating systems. Follow the instructions in these five blogs to give your devices the boost that they need.

  7. Circumventing the Panera 30 Minute WiFI Limit
  8. Best Free Wi-Fi Tools
  9. Five free wireless networking tools
  10. Turn your Mac/Windows Laptop into a Free Wireless Hotspot for iPad/iPhone
  11. 5 Tips For Surviving With a WiFi-only Tablet
  12. Best Wi-Fi Apps for Android

    There are plenty of great apps available for Android phones that will help you find and connect to Wi-Fi. It is best to have a number of Wi-Fi apps installed, with each working together to enhance your connectivity. Some apps will improve your phone’s range and connectivity, while other will locate information on Wi-Fi hotspots. For the best results on Android phones, check out the range of Wi-Fi apps in these five blogs.

  13. Best 5 Apps to Find Wi-Fi Hotspots for iOS, Android
  14. Top 5 free Wi-Fi app for android to improve your Wifi Connection
  15. 5 Best Wi-Fi Apps for Android to Boost Mobile Network and Wi-Fi Signals
  16. Android tethering apps: 6 excellent options
  17. Best Wifi & Network Boosting Apps on Android!
  18. Best Wi-Fi Apps for Apple and Windows

    Both Apple and Windows phones, much like Android, provide various apps for connecting to free Wi-Fi. Ideally, you should install apps that work worldwide, so you can rest easy that you’ll be able to connect no matter where you are in the world. Always check for international charges, as some apps will only have agreements in certain countries or territories for free service. Also, remember to take advantage of free Wi-Fi in hotels, cafes, bars and other similar locations. These five blogs explore some of the best apps available for both Apple and Windows smartphone operating systems.

  19. iPhone, iOS 6 Apps to Monitor Your Network, Find WiFi
  20. How To Find Free Wi-Fi Passwords For Local Hotspots
  21. Find Free WiFi for Your Smartphone
  22. Best Apps to Detect WiFi Hotspots on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  23. Turn Your Phone Into a Free WiFi Tethering Hotspot With FoxFi (No Root)
  24. Using Free Wi-Fi Safely

    Because free Wi-Fi provides what is essentially an open connection, there are security risks involved. Depending on the device you are using and the content you are viewing, you will need to take some important safety steps to project your personal data. Banking websites and other secure sites that normally use an HTTPS:// connection are especially vulnerable. In these five blogs you will find all the risks associated with using free Wi-Fi. There are also a number of tutorials that will walk you through how to stay safe, while browsing the Internet on an unsecured connection.

  25. 6 tips for using free Wi-Fi safely
  26. 9 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi
  27. Is Free Wi-Fi Dangerous?
  28. Free Wi-Fi: Friend or Foe? Infographic
  29. Making Public Wi-Fi Safe

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