4th Trimester Abortion Petition Gets Signatures


Yes, it’s not a typo, I intentionally said 4th trimester.  If the third trimester of pregnancy ends at birth, the 4th trimester, if there is such a thing, begins after the child is born.

baby_small2 4th Trimester Abortion Petition Gets Signatures

Dan Joseph from MRCTV (Media Research Center) went to an unnamed college campus with a petition to legalize 4th trimester abortions.  He explains to students that it is currently illegal in every state, which it is.  He also used terms like ‘post-pregnancy’, ‘40 weeks’, and ‘after the ninth month of pregnancy’.  He even got one student to sign the petition without telling him what the petition was about.


If he got 14 signatures in an hour during the summer, can you imagine how many more he could have gotten during the school year?

Joseph admitted that some people caught on to what he was saying, but sadly, there are a number of people out there that don’t think or have any common sense.  I suspect that a number of those that signed his petition just heard the word abortion and signed it because of their liberal beliefs.

I’ve noticed in my dealings with many people these days that they don’t think or pay attention to the world around them.  They don’t listen to what other people are really saying.  Public education teaches them that they need to focus on themselves and that’s exactly what they’re doing.  The schools make them mentally numb to others outside their sphere of life and by doing so they insure the success of liberalism.