A Few Words On œBeing Offended

 Common courtesy once combined with good manners to protect everyone’s enjoyment.  The last thing sociable people did was intentionally provoke to offense.  Behind the death of conscience, however, offending others is now a past time, a recreational pursuit, and even an ‘artistic’ expression.

Beyonce issues a music video containing the most grotesque lyrics and low-life behavior, calling it art to empower women, when in truth it was an overt effort to offend and provoke.   Miley Cyrus twerks in prime time and is rewarded for her offense with mountains of cash and hour upon hour of free air time.  Suspending a crucifix in urine years ago was called art, hardly approaching the offense of a ‘comic’ recently calling God a genocidal ‘dick.’

usaflags_small A Few Words On œBeing Offended

Attempting to sell his healthcare plan, the president-turned-insurance-salesman recorded a video in which he is interviewed by a long-haired provocateur.  The give-and-take was odd.  The men traded barbs, insults, and jabs—the apparent purpose to show how the president is cutting-edge, tough, in command.  One message conveyed: giving offense is persuasive and cool?  Two feral adolescents provoking one another is persuasive?

Speaking of prominent people, every time Biden opens his mouth, he offends. But hey, ‘That’s just Joe!’  Harry Reid is just as mouthy, twice as insulting, and humorless, rendering his provocations all the more offensive by design.  The Left thrives on getting in your face, Saul Alinsky’s main tactic.  Being a traditionalist is offensive to Democrats and assorted leftists, their only counter argument when facts overwhelm their narrative.

Across the sea, Swedes have submitted to Islam again, surrendering to the law of offense.  Muslims whined about a baroque painting showing a bare-breasted woman, the picture hanging in parliament.  Muslims said they were offended, so the Swedes  ‘Islamed’ (submitted).  For years now, when Islam objects, the West submits (and we wonder why they escalate?)

Thus, we see there are offenses committed on purpose to dominate or defeat people politically and socially; and there are those who pretend to be offended to likewise dominate and defeat.  Cartoons and ‘offensive videos’ go a long way to spark spontaneous demonstrations, providing justification to murder (allegedly.)  And isn’t that what intentional provocation to offense amounts to, a kind of killing, death by a thousand cutting remarks?

Muslims are not the only ones easily offended, of course.  Fail to recycle or drive an SUV, and you’ll feel the wrath of the new hippy hybrids.  Invoke the Constitution or note the importance of liberty, and suffer the full brunt of today’s totalitarians.

Celebrities and professors squawk almost daily about putting Tea Party people to death, prohibiting Christians from holding office, silencing all traditionalists, or jailing people who deny man-made global warming.  Leftists have tried for years to offend and provoke gun owners to violence, and it never happens.  That should tell you something about who is prone to violence.

Radical homosexual activists provoke non-existent homophobes, baiting average people into conflict, erecting straw men to dispatch, acting as if they are the offended party, and then demanding legal sanctions against anyone holding to a traditional view of marriage.

Racial offenses outnumber stars in the sky supposedly, and the never-ending war between the sexes is another convenient way to leverage offense for political gain.  All whites, especially white males, are by their existence offensive; don’t you know?

With advances in technology, we can insult one another in many ways, instantly, and without much fear of reprisal.  Between the internet, texting, other forms of messaging, Facebook, and Twitter, a person can offend hundreds of thousands in seconds, just for the fun of it.  Crass behavior is normal, conflict is mainstream, provocation is routine, and causing offense is a new form recreation.

No wonder we care little about protecting what enjoyment remains.   And we are surprised by the “knockout game“?  Beheading innocents is practically an everyday occurrence.  The death of conscience makes us beast-like, and the truly terrifying aspect is that enormous numbers celebrate the decline into chaos.

Making matters worse: leaders encourage this mayhem, and the church is practically silent.  Is no one offended the state sponsors the killing of babies by the millions?  You can be sure the God of heaven is offended, and his fury will be poured out.