A Racist Hiding In Plain Sight at DHS

Jeff Crouere

It is really amazing what our federal government will tolerate from their employees. At the IRS, Lois Lerner is currently enjoying a paid leave of absence from her position as Director of Exempt Organizations. Of course, Lerner is under fire for her mishandling of the non-profit applications of Tea Party organizations and her notorious decision to take the 5th amendment instead of testifying truthfully before Congress.

hs_small2 A Racist Hiding In Plain Sight at DHS

At the State Department, Secretary John Kerry just reinstated four employees who were placed on administrative leave in the aftermath of the terror attack in Benghazi. So, no one has been held responsible for the lack of security and the nonexistent response to the storming of our Libyan consulate that led to the death of four Americans.

It seems that it is almost impossible to be fired by the federal government. An employee can be utterly incompetent, politically biased and even an avowed racist and still collect a paycheck. This week it was revealed that a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee, Ayo Kimathi, who works as a small business specialist with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), operates a website dedicated to the mass killing of white people.

For good measure, Kimathi also expresses his antipathy for gays and “Uncle Tom