A&E announces ‘Generation KKK’ documentary, Twitterverse erupts with criticism

A&E has embedded with the Ku Klux Klan for a new docuseries, which trade publications – like the Hollywood Reporter – have called timely, but some social media users are slamming the eight-episode series, accusing the network of normalizing white supremacy.

A little over a year ago, A&E began to follow four Klan families who each have a member trying to escape the Ku Klux Klan. The upcoming series was announced on Sunday by A&E’s Executive Vice President and General Manager Rob Sharenow.

kkkdoc_small A&E announces 'Generation KKK' documentary, Twitterverse erupts with criticism Social Media

“This series gives viewers an unprecedented look at what it is like to be born into hate.

Our producers gained access to Klan families allowing for full immersion into this secret world and its impact on the next generation,” he said.

Once news of the series broke, “Generation KKK” became a top Twitter trend with some users quickly slammed the network for what they say is a show glorifying the KKK. 


But Sharenow defended the series in a statement sent to FOX411. 

“‘Generation KKK’ is a documentary series that exposes
the ugly truth about how the hate group attempts to indoctrinate children. The series focuses on a team of activists working to prevent the next generation from continuing the cycle of hate. The documentary series takes a clear stance against hatred of any kind.”

He told the New York Times on Sunday, “We certainly didn’t want the show to be seen as a platform for the views of the KKK. The only political agenda is that we really do stand against hate.” 

“Generation KKK” airs January 10th on A&E.