Affirmative Action = Racial Discrimination Against White Males

affirmative_action_shirt-220x120 Affirmative Action = Racial Discrimination Against White Males  Years ago, I worked for a utility company that was a government entity. As such they were given directives that they had to hire at least 20% minorities (blacks, Hispanic, American Indians and women). The utility was also union, which meant job openings had to be posted and candidates had to meet the required qualifications in order to be considered.

On one occasion, the company posted a job opening for a grader operator 3, which was the highest level for that position. There were three grader operator 2 candidates and 2 grader operator 1 candidates that applied for the position. Each of them had 10 or more years with the utility. However, they were all white. Affirmative action forced them to look elsewhere in the company for a minority person to give the job to, but there were none that had any experience on a grader.

The company ended up trying to quick train one minority person after another, but none of them could successfully operate the grader efficiently enough to qualify for the job. After over a year went by, they eventually hired a minority person from an outside company and the five qualified company grader operators were passed over for the promotion and pay increase.

If you are a college admissions person and turned down a student application because someone was black and gave that position to someone who was white and had a better academic record, that would be racial discrimination and deemed illegal. If you turn down someone who is white and accept a black person with an inferior scholastic record, that is affirmative action and legal.

In 2003, Illinois State Senator Barack Obama told the Chicago Defender that he approved of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold affirmative action in university admissions. His stand on racial preferences has not changed as his prize puppet, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice just filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court. In the brief, they lay out their support for affirmative action or racial preference for admissions in a case involving the University of Texas.

In fact, President Obama has taken affirmative action to the extreme as the majority of his appointees are either female, black or Hispanic. This includes his selections to the U.S. Supreme Court, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Administrator of the EPA and Attorney General to name just a few.

I’m all for equality and giving everyone the same chances and opportunities for education and employment. When I use to hire people, I never looked at their color or gender. I looked at their records, experience and qualifications and made my decisions on that basis alone. I also documented in the person’s employment file the reasons why they were chosen over other candidates. This was done to justify my hiring and firing practices and in the several cases where someone tried to use the race card against me, that documentation is what won the case every time.

However, I don’t believe that affirmative action is legal or fair. It gives undeserved preferences to some at the expense of others. I remember reading a case some years back where a white student with excellent academic records was turned away from a prestigious medical school because they had to admit so many blacks because of affirmative action. That’s wrong, illegal and not fare. This is why I say that affirmative action is a legal means of racial and sexual discrimination against white males. And this is just one of a growing volume of things that I have against Barack Obama and why I want to see him defeated so badly in November.