After debate, Obama campaign signals 'adjustments'

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — President Barack Obama is changing his strategy for his next face-off against Republican Mitt Romney, a repair job needed after his first debate performance was panned as lacking punch.

1b1ee769-c1f4-4942-b5cc-6440aee9b9ce After debate, Obama campaign signals 'adjustments'

His aides conceded Thursday that the incumbent must get sharper in countering his opponent and crisper in explaining his ideas to the American people.

The heart of Obama’s new message with less than five weeks to go: Romney is a liar.

Expect that theme — expressed in softer terms from the president than from his aides — to drive Obama’s advertising and messaging for days.

Obama’s debate showing on Wednesday was rusty, rambling and cautious, but his aides insist he emerged with a real opening to target Romney’s candor.