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What Is America’s Mission Now?

Pat Buchanan, Informing Iran, “The U.S. is watching what you do,” Amb. Nikki Haley called an emergency meeting Friday of the Security Council regarding the riots in Iran. The session left her and us looking ridiculous. France’s ambassador tutored Haley that how nations deal with internal disorders is not the council’s concern. Russia’s ambassador suggested

Chinese Colonialism is Growing Fast in America

Lloyd Billingsley, Farming weed, cultivating academics, and conning California. The legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, has not, as some politicians proclaimed, eliminated the black market for cannabis. Illicit weed grows are common in California, often manned by U.S. citizens or Mexican nationals in the country illegally. Like Sollozzo in The Godfather, the

Helping Houston the American Way

Michael Reagan, Houston is trying to dry itself out and recover from the historic floods of Hurricane Harvey. It will take years and unknown billions of dollars. Unlike New Orleans in 2005 after Katrina, the country’s fourth largest city was as prepared as any metropolis can be for a thousand-year flood. But unlike New Orleans,

On Independence Day, Celebrate Property Rights—the Foundation of the Pursuit of Happiness

Jonathan Wood, Editors note: This piece was coauthored by Anastasia Boden. This Fourth of July, many of us will gather with friends and family around the barbecue to celebrate our country and the freedoms it was founded upon. It is a day for all to reflect on the Declaration of Independence’s recognition, 241 years ago