Another Pro-Gun VICTORY: Idaho Passes New Legislation

Idaho has been exerting its sovereignty lately and deciding what is best for their state.  They recently passed a law nullifying all future federal gun control measures, and have sought to nullify all EPA regulations within their state.

Now, they have passed a law allowing concealed firearms on college campuses by law-abiding citizens.  A witness to a stabbing on a college campus in Texas recently lamented that students wished they could protect themselves with guns.

Obviously, guns on school campuses is a touchy subject, but armed guards and armed teachers could prevent the next massacre.  Indiana and South Dakota recently decided to allow teachers to be armed.

proguns Another Pro-Gun VICTORY: Idaho Passes New Legislation

According to the NRA, Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed SB 1254 into law, which is aimed at improving college and university campus safety.

“This legislation is a vital step toward protecting students and faculty on campus,” noted Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Sadly, we are reminded by headlines that our college campuses are often targeted by soulless and deranged criminals seeking to inflict carnage on as many innocent victims as they can. When these incidents occur, it is vital that our campuses have instant responders. The NRA strongly believes that campus safety will be improved by allowing retired law enforcement personnel and law-abiding people with enhanced carry permits to have their firearms while on university property.”

Senate Bill 1254 seeks to achieve a Safer Environment for College and University Residents and Employees (S.E.C.U.R.E.) by permitting qualified retired law enforcement officers and law-abiding adults who have obtained an Idaho “enhanced” concealed carry license to possess a firearm on public college and university campuses. Firearms will not be allowed in student dormitories and public entertainment and sporting facilities.

This is a good thing for Idaho, and the NRA was smart to back this bill.  Hopefully, more states will pass similar laws allowing armed faculty and students in order to prevent and minimize the potential bloodshed in the next campus shooting.

Despite the push from the left, gun free zones don’t work.  A sign will not stop a criminal bent on death and destruction.  It only serves to prevent law-abiding and innocent people from effectively defending themselves from deranged individuals with malicious intent.  It is time to end gun free zones on school campuses.