Another Reason Why America Should Not Vote for Hillary as Commander-in-Chief

J. Marsolo,

Hillary cannot be elected because she is under a criminal investigation by the FBI and cannot govern if elected. This reason is in addition to her corruption and incompetence. Hillary knows the evidence that the FBI has, and if she has “forgotten” any of it she can ask Huma. If Hillary believes that the FBI investigation is not warranted, then she should hold a legitimate press conference where she states the evidence that the FBI has, take questions from legitimate journalists, and answer all questions.

Of course, this would be a new Hillary Instead, though, the Hillary Smear Machine, unleashed against Kenneth Starr and the female victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct, including the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, is now set against Comey. The Democrats, led by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, are attacking Comey on the basis that he is interfering with the elections, that Comey violated the Hatch Act, and that he must release all his evidence against Hillary this week before the election.

But Hillary and the Democrats are putting their quest victory at all costs ahead of the welfare of the country. She will stonewall and attack Comey, and try to motivate the Obama voting blocs especially blacks and Hispanics.

If she wins, there is the strong possibility that Obama will pardon her thus ending the FBI investigation. This will then mean the only avenue is to impeach Hillary. Congress can subpoena Comey to produce the evidence. We will be consumed by the impeachment process for the next year or two. This assumes of course that the Republican House led by Paul Ryan will do its constitutional duty. This also assumes that the Republicans hold the Senate, and McConnell shows a willingness to fight and lead. But there may be enough pressure by other senators, such as Ted Cruz, to force Ryan and McConnell to act.

The media and Republicans should be demanding that Hillary step up to tell the truth about the emails, but the mainstream media will not put any pressure on Hillary to tell the truth, and many Republicans like Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Romney, Bush, and others either oppose Trump or refuse to help Trump.

corruptionandfears_small Another Reason Why America Should Not Vote for Hillary as Commander-in-Chief Opinion

It is clear that Comey would not have announced the investigation unless there is substantial evidence to proceed against Hillary. The Democrats are circling the wagon to protect Hillary at all costs, thus putting a victory for Hillary ahead of the welfare of the country. The Democrats must know that if the FBI investigation is allowed to proceed, it may result in the conviction of Hillary. This will raise constitutional issues of whether Hillary should step down or if the criminal trial should be postponed until the end of her term. We will have a constitutional crisis because the president will be under a cloud consumed by defending herself, and unable to act to deal with Iran, ISIS, immigration, the economy, and other issues.

In summary, if we had honest Democrats concerned about the welfare of our country, they would tell Hillary to come clean or get out of the race. But the Democrats are defending Hillary at all costs. Hillary will continue to lie and stonewall. We cannot rely upon the media, the Democrats, and the leadership of the Republican party to put pressure on Hillary to tell the truth and do what is best for our country.

It is up to the voters to set things straight to defeat Hillary.