Another Week, Another Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crime #MuslimBan

Daniel Greenfield,

Islamophobia, America’s greatest problem since sliced bread, struck again at Benoit College.

Two students at Beloit College were victims of hate crimes over the weekend, according to a statement released by the college Monday. 

Beloit College says on Friday a note with anti-Semitic statements was placed under a student’s door at one of the residences halls. 

On Sunday, an anti-Muslim threat was spray painted on a different student’s residences hall door. An “offensive symbol” was also painted on a nearby wall.

You can guess which one was real and which one was fake.

Wisconsin police have arrested a student at Beloit College who reportedly admitted to spray-painting his own dorm with racial and religious slurs in order to seek attention.

dumbidiot_small Another Week, Another Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crime #MuslimBan Fraud

The words “Die,” “Sand n—r go home” and “#muslimban” spray painted on a Muslim student’s dorm room door, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported…. 

“Kee is a Beloit College student who reported that the wall next to and his dorm room door had been spray painted with a bias symbol and phrases related to his religion and ethnicity,” the press release stated. “Kee was interviewed and confessed that he had done the spray painting. 

How shockingly unprecedented. Since all the previous times this happened.