Anti-Christian Hate Group Targets City Logo

ctiy-logo-220x120 Anti-Christian Hate Group Targets City Logo  A couple days ago, I wrote about how the Freedom From Religion Foundation is nothing more than an anti-Christian hate group.  In that blog, they were attacking a small Georgia high school because the local churches fed the football team before games and had done so for years.

Now the FFRF is attacking the city of Steubenville, Ohio for their city logo.  Steubenville is a small town that lies along the picturesque border with West Virginia.  It is known for the large murals that decorate some of the buildings in the town of less than 20,000 residents. The small town boasts of their home grown celebrities that were born there which includes Dean Martin, Tracy Lords, Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder and Rollie Fingers.

Their logo features the silhouettes of several prominent buildings in the small town.  One of those buildings is the Franciscan Chapel at the Franciscan University.  The university just happens to be the largest employer in the town and the chapel is a very historic landmark in the area.  If you look at the city logo, the cross on the top of the chapel is not that very prominently featured.  The cross is rather small and off to the side.

Once again, the Liberty Counsel has stepped in to help the Steubenville city officials as they have decided to stand their ground and fight the FFRFMat Staver of the Liberty Counsel commented about the case saying:

“The Franciscan Chapel in this small community is part of the Franciscan University, which is very influential and very important to the history of Steubenville.  This particular logo has that as one of several different pictures.