Anti-Gun Host Piers Morgan, Booted From CNN Promises He’s “Not Done


 After years of trying to convince Americans to accept his homeland’s dangerous anti-gun laws, U.K. native Piers Morgan finally received a clear message that his particular brand of activism is not particularly welcome on this side of the Atlantic.

His perpetually unpopular CNN program “Piers Morgan Live” was reportedly cancelled by the left-leaning news outlet, leading the host to admit his unhinged stance against firearms was the likely cause.

“Look,” he said in a recent New York Times interview, “I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing; and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

Piers-Morgan_small Anti-Gun Host Piers Morgan, Booted From CNN Promises He’s “Not Done

While Morgan attempted to save face by asserting he had been in talks with CNN boss Jeff Zucker “about different ways of using” him within the network, a report by The Wire hinted that there is simply no love lost by American audiences for the single-issue host.

“After trying to make it work and refusing to admit defeat for two years,” the article concludes, “CNN finally gave up.”

The network indicated the program’s final episode will likely air next month.

Based on principle, it must have been a difficult decision to cut ties with a man who espouses one of the left’s central tenets; however, from a business standpoint, it was an inevitable result. Morgan took over the coveted spot vacated by a retiring Larry King, only to usher in the network’s darkest days.

Despite the fact CNN is now a ubiquitous offering among cable providers, last month’s ratings numbers were the third-worst in its 34 year history.

Refusing to accept the fact that Americans – especially Second Amendment supporters – have no interest in his rants, Morgan declared his campaign against gun rights is not over. A pointed tweet appeared Monday on his official Twitter profile in which he threatened the NRA with the assertion he is “not done with you yet.”

Piers Morgan         @piersmorgan

I wouldn’t get too excited @NRA – I’m not done with you yet.

While it is unclear what his next steps will be, there is no doubt his reception by most Americans will be as icy as it was during his failed attempt as a network news host.

–B. Christopher Agee