Anti-gunners don’t hate guns–they hate independence

by # 1 NWO Hatr

e956938a9002943869a8fd92ed464513 Anti-gunners don’t hate guns–they hate independence

Guns Watch – by Dean Weingarten

On Independence Day, it is worth noting that some of the shrillest voices for “gun control” are, their efforts to deceive on the matter notwithstanding, less opposed to guns, or even “gun violence,” than they are to the independence of an armed citizenry. Sure, they claim to support “Independence from Gun Violence,” but the reality is that “gun violence” is precisely what they depend on, in order to exploit the public outrage, for the advancement of their forcible citizen disarmament agenda.  

More to the point, independence is precisely what the self-styled “progressives” wish to deny to we the peopleSt. LouisGun Rights Examiner has discussed this before, in an analysis of a book co-written by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence director Josh Horwitz:

This “threat to the entire ‘progressive’ [‘progressive’ meaning, basically, ‘unconstitutionally enormous government‘] movement” stems not from any hypothetical “insurrection” that Constitutionalists might someday engage in, but from the fact that reminding people that their security and liberty are their responsibility–rather than the government’s–is anathema to the “progressive” agenda of increased government control of nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives.

CSGV even argues that the people’s only legitimate protection from an out-of-control government is . . . the government. In fact, to these misusers and abusers of the word “progressive,” the entire concept of rights is wrapped up in government dependency. When they talk about “the right to health care,” or “the right to a college education,” they are not protesting some nefarious conspiracy to outlaw medical care or education, or even to restrict it–there is no such movement. What they demand is the “right” to coerce the taxpayers into subsidizing it, if they can’t pay for it themselves.

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