Anti-Trump March Organizers Met to Discuss Plans With Twitter/Facebook Execs

Daniel Greenfield,

While Twitter and Facebook agreed to censor conservative news under the guise of fighting a “fake news” epidemic, tech executives have apparently been coordinating with anti-Trump protesters. 

On February 10, behind closed doors in San Francisco, national organizers of the Women’s March on Washington met with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and other tech executives to discuss the ongoing role of social media in organizing demonstrations over issues like reproductive rights, immigration and civil rights, which some fear could be under threat from Donald Trump’s presidency. At a separate meeting earlier in the day, organizers also met Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

facebook_twitter_small Anti-Trump March Organizers Met to Discuss Plans With Twitter/Facebook Execs Activism

“We’re here to ask, ‘how can tech be a part of the resistance?’” said Reshma Saujani, one of the march’s national organizers and CEO of the nonprofit Girls Who Code.

“We came to talk about what role will they play as we make sure we’re standing up for undocumented immigrants, those affected by the Muslim ban, and other marginalized communities. We felt like we could find allies in the tech community, and we have.”

Jenna Arnold, one of the march’s national organizers, said she was thankful that many social media platforms had “generously fast-tracked a lot of the things we needed.” Arnold said that Sandberg and Dorsey were also eager for feedback from the march organizers on how their platforms were helpful.

What exactly did Twitter and Facebook fast track?

Facebook and Twitter were among the corporations to join in the anti-American attack on President Trump’s effort to keep us safe from Islamic terrorism. Twitter has already become extremely partisan even as it fails at actually being a successful business venture. Facebook is still trying to play both sides. 

The left has redoubled its insistence on politicizing corporations, but considering how much of the dot com world is built on trying to achieve monopolies, they might want to consider what would happen if Trump were to go Teddy Roosevelt on them.