As Long as Texans are Armed, The UN and Agenda 21 Has Conquerd Nothing


texas As Long as Texans are Armed, The UN and Agenda 21 Has Conquerd Nothing  The Lone Star WatchdogThe only person in patriot radio that does reaction journalism is Alex Jones. To say the UN has conquered Texas is one of the most reckless things to ever post online. I do not react when I write. I try to respond in a rational way looking at reality and not white papers written by mentally deranged people. If the UN has conquered Texas, I blame Alex Jones for two years ago screaming on the air about Debra Medina’s rookie mistake she made for the very thing he gave Ron Paul a pass on. He could have handled it in a different way and she could have made it to the run off election. He hurt Debra Medina more then Glen Beck ever did.
I would not surprise me if Alex Jones unknowingly is a tool for the social engineers because how he reacts is very predictable to the psy-ops operatives. That is maybe why we are losing because we are fighting the globalist and tyrants on battlefields that are irrelevant or not of importance. The propaganda machine might be throwing out stories knowing he will take the bait. I wish he would go into his prayer closet before he goes inside the broadcasting booth. He might find out real fast all that stack of news is all a distraction to look in one direction while the tyrants make their move in the other direction. Alex Jones need to move his base of operations as far as he can away from Moscow on the Colorado. Austinites do not represent Texas as a whole.

The UN or the Bankers have not conquered nothing until the people are completely disarmed. The bankers may have their puppets and handlers in key positions. It does not mean anything because as long the people are armed. They are limited to what they can do to us .When there is five million guns being purchased a month. When we see protesters outside the builderberger meetings mean judgement day is coming to them, not to the people. The right to keep and bear arms is now more stronger then ever part of our culture. The globalist are in the death throws to stay out of jail, they have no more wiggle room to retreat anymore. They are exposed thanks to the internet.

The UN has not conquered Texas, when the UN can do as it wishes without any resistance. They have not conquered nothing because Texans are very well armed and there is plenty of resistance to this globalist agenda. The UN may have conquered Austin which is named the Moscow on the Colorado in only one city. In reality, the UN has not conquered Texas as a whole. All political power comes from the barrel of a gun, not from signatures in a contract with international NGOs by a few sell out politicians or incompetent bureaucrats.

The definition of conquer is:

To defeat or subdue by force, especially by force of arms. 2. To gain or secure control of by or as if by force of arms: To overcome or surmount by physical, mental, or moral force

The Banks and the UN have not conquered America, especially not Texas. There is much resistance against the UN in Texas pushing back against Agenda 21. To say Texas is conquered by the UN is hogwash. I will not allow the United Nations to take over my beloved Texas. As long as the people of Texas are armed, there is no conquest. Nor should we give the UN the illusion they have conquered the Lone Star State.