Assad, Putin Lead Obama by the Nose


The public humiliation of President Obama continues.

Just a few days after the Russians pulled out the rug from under Obama’s feet during his march to war in Syria, his Administration is being undercut again, with Bashar Assad now insisting that he will not hand over his chemical weapons unless Obama stops funding the Syrian rebels.

Obama has been building up to an invasion of Syria for years during which he has covertly supplied the “rebels” and fueled the Syrian civil war.

With the August gas attack on civilians as an excuse, the Obama Administration was set for a military attack until it realized it was leading a charge and no one was following.

But the Administration continued to press the case. Then the Russians and Syrians seized on a moment of machismo by Secretary of State John Kerry to completely undermine Obama’s case for a military strike by offering up Syria’s chemical weapons for destruction.

Try though it did to make that case that Obama’s tough-guy threats of military action had directly caused a “breakthrough,” the White House was left with egg on its teleprompter and no choice in the world’s eyes but to pursue the sudden diplomatic option.

Since then, Russia and Syria have continued to call the shots.

In the U.N., Russia is resisting the Administration’s effort to make a resolution on Syria’s chemical weapons militarily enforceable.

Now Assad’s insistence that Obama give up funding the rebels not only threatens to expose the games the Administration has been playing in the Middle East, but it threatens to collapse the peace breakthrough that Obama has been trying to take credit for and that the world sees as a preferable alternative to war.

In short, Obama is being led around by the nose, and the entire world can see his weakness for what it is. Even the longtime Obama cheerleader New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said of the Syrian developments, “Obama’s flip-flopping, ambivalent leadership led him to the exact place he never wanted to be: unilateral instead of unified.”

(Of course, she then went on to blame President Bush for Obama’s lack of leadership skills. So much for the moment of clarity.)

The question remains whether Obama will continue to allow himself to be manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Assad, or whether he will reassert himself and renew his steps toward war.

Obama’s narcissism will push him to keep up appearances and seek the world’s favor by going along with the apparent peace overtures and related demands of Syria. But his megalomaniacal side wants to conquer Syria and will see Assad’s demands as an excuse for derailing the diplomatic process and declaring Syria a military target yet again.

Whichever course he chooses, however, Obama’s image has taken an irreparable hit. Unfortunately, he’s dragging America down with him.