Attorney General Sessions is Right to Clean House #DrainTheSwamp

Daniel Greenfield,

The last month has demonstrated with painful clarity that the government needs a thorough spring cleaning. Political appointees should be put out the door, cleanly, neatly and efficiently. The more gentlemanly approach of this administration to the transition was repaid with a variety of dirty attacks and sabotage from inside the government. Removing the political appointees is a good start.

The past weeks have also made it very clear that Dems intend to concentrate much of their fight around the Justice Department. That means securing it is more vital than ever. Especially when it comes to fulfilling President Trump’s pledges to fight crime and illegal immigration. 

To do those things effectively, the pro-crime and anti-police culture that Obama and his people, Holder and Lynch, brought to the DOJ needs to be cleared out. This goes double for anything and anyone linked to social justice. 

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Attorney General Sessions has made the right opening move. But he needs to go bigger. This is not just an ordinary political transition. This has turned into a low key civil war within the government. 

Obama’s people are treating the new government like an enemy force to be brought down. There is a clear choice between having free and open elections. And having a Deep State of government officials bringing down governments they don’t like.