Banner Unveiled ‘Election Fraud’ #wikileaks During Prime Time DNC Show

Sarah Fisher, Truth Revolt

 Unhappy Democrats unrolled a banner reading “Election Fraud #wikileaks” during Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s speech at the DNC on Wednesday night.

The banner hung briefly over the railing just above the section where Vice President Joe Biden is sitting, along with his wife Jill and other VIP guests, directly across from Kaine.

dncbannerwikileaks2_small Banner Unveiled 'Election Fraud' #wikileaks During Prime Time DNC Show

Last week, the Wikileaks website released thousands of emails from the DNC email system. The emails caused an uproar when it was revealed the DNC appeared to favoring Hillary Clinton during the election process. The DNC has suffered constant disruptions from angry supporters of Bernie Sanders. 

Numerous Sanders supporters staged a walk-out of the event after Clinton was formally nominated on Tuesday.