Barack Obama Can’t Spell Ohio. Crucify Him Like Media Did Dan Quayle!

A06NYTUCcAA3MsR-220x120 Barack Obama Can’t Spell Ohio. Crucify Him Like Media Did Dan Quayle!  On June 15, 1992, then Vice President Dan Quayle was visiting Munoz Rivera School in Trenton, New Jersey. In front of a classroom full of kids, Quayle spelled ‘potato’ with an ‘e’ at the end. William Figueroa informed the VP that he had spelled it wrong and wrote the correct spelling on the blackboard.

The media was relentless in their ridicule and criticism. Many labeled him one of the dumbest politicians in American history. According to Quayle’s 1994 memoir, that incident had a huge negative impact on his political career and is something he has never been able to live down.

On May 9, 2008, Senator Barack Obama was on the presidential campaign trail in Beaverton, Oregon. While speaking to the crowd, Obama said that in the past 15 months, he had visited 57 states, had 1 more to go and that his staff would not let him go to Alaska or Hawaii.

Confusing the number of states is a far greater gaffe than misspelling potato, but Obama was not crucified in the media as was Quayle sixteen years earlier. Several lesser known media sites tried to link Obama’s 57 states to the 57 Islamic states, that was never proved and I seriously doubt that was the intention.

Now in the latest list of stupid gaffes, Obama and three others seem to have no clue as to how to spell, OHIO, a key swing state. On Tuesday, the president and his entourage stopped in at a diner located on the famed campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Several students, probably the cream of the crop at this football powerhouse school, teamed up with Obama to spell OHIO for a photo op. It seems that only one of the four, and it wasn’t Obama, had their letter (or the right letter) in the right place. When the photo was snapped, it looks more like they were spelling O-I-H-I (the media says O-I-H-O, but the last guy sure looks to be making the same I shape as the second guy.)

Will the media now crucify Obama for misspelling the name of a key swing state? It doesn’t seem so as I only saw this when I was searching for things to write about and never heard nothing about it on any of the national media centers. It’s sad when you realize that political careers can be made and destroyed by how the media likes them, regardless of how good or bad of a politician they are.

Dan Quayle’s political career was destroyed because the media didn’t like him and purposely sought to destroy him. Obama has the worst presidential record in the history of the United States which would make one believe that he hasn’t a chance of re-election. However, in spite of his record of failure, the media loves him and keeps his popularity up. If Barack Obama gets re-elected, I believe it will be entirely due to the liberal media’s star crazed infatuation with a man who would be overthrown in any other country of the world.