Barack Obama In Surprise Swipe At Clinton At Final Correspondents’ Dinner

As expected, the president mocked Donald Trump but also made fun of his fellow Democrat’s efforts to attract younger voters.

Barack Obama has taken satirical swipes at Donald Trump and, more surprisingly, Hillary Clinton and ended his final White House correspondents’ dinner by literally dropping the mic and departing with the words: “Obama out.”

Obama_small Barack Obama In Surprise Swipe At Clinton At Final Correspondents' Dinner

In the traditional tongue-in-cheek address to the Washington press corps on Saturday night, the president lampooned the Republican frontrunner’s foreign policy and business credentials while also mercilessly mocking the efforts of his fellow Democrat to appeal to younger voters.

Obama did not linger on Trump for as long as some had expected during his half-hour speech, especially those who recall the correspondents’ dinner in 2011 where he roasted the celebrity tycoon as he sat in the room.

Watched by an audience that included politicians, journalists, actors and Trump’s two sons, he pretended to wind up his remarks before interrupting himself: “No, I’m just kidding, you know I’ve got to talk about Trump. We weren’t just going to stop there. Come on!

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