Benghazi Hero Would Not Enlist in Military Under President Hillary Clinton


John “Tig” Tiegen and Mark “Oz” Geist are both survivors of Benghazi sat down with Breitbart News for an interview. John “Tig” Tegen said, “You don’t have to be in uniform, to me, the average American always thinks: ‘Hey, if Americans are in trouble, the troops are going to come for you.’ It seems like under the Clintons, they don’t do that.”

Teigen knows that under a presidency of Mr. Trump, troops will be protected. “You got a businessman, who knows how to run things, knows how to get things done–he’s going to have the aggressiveness America needs to have.”

JohnTigTiegen_small Benghazi Hero Would Not Enlist in Military Under President Hillary Clinton

Outside Cleveland, thousands of Democrats are becoming Republicans


In Mahoning County, Ohio there are 6,171 registered Democrats that switched to register and vote Republican in the primaries. These Americans want to help to Make America Great Again!

“I think it’s possible that Donald Trump can actually carry Mahoning County,” Mark Monroe of Mahoning said. “If [he’s] able to carry Mahoning County, I think he wins the White House.”

Hispanic conservative leaders relent and endorse Trump

Washington Post

Latino leaders who used to be against Trump are now rallying behind Trump and are beginning to urge others to support him as well. Paul Manafort told the Washington Post on Sunday, “We’re going to campaign through all segments of society.” Mr. Trump is focusing on winning all demographics and uniting the country.

Donald Trump’s time to shine

Boston Herald

Mr. Trump focuses on uniting the party and attracting new supporters. It’s a big week for the presumptive nominee with the Republican National Convention that kicks off today. Top headliners at the convention include Mr. Trump’s own family and some noteworthy GOP and conservative leaders. Mr. Trump is going to show America that he has the capability to lead our country in the right direction.