Bernie Betrayal: Hillary Clinton Campaign Says TPP Will Become Law

The following is a statement from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on the reports that one of Clinton’s top aides stated that TPP will pass.

Jeff Sessions: “Today the top advisor to Hillary Clinton on Asia Policy told an Australian news outlet that Clinton’s opposition to the TPP is not real, declaring “every trade agreement goes through the deepest, darkest tunnel before it is ultimately passed.”

The worst kept secret in Washington is that if Hillary Clinton is elected President, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will become law. This statement by her senior advisor only confirms these fears. After voicing her support for the 5,554-page agreement 45 times before she began running for President, and refusing to take a position for the first months of her campaign, Mrs. Clinton’s senior advisor is now overseas touting the benefits of the TPP. Just as her email scandal proves, Mrs. Clinton says one thing to the American people, but another to her globalist friends. The TPP creates an all country Pacific union whereby each country gets a single vote. This will allow the union to legislate against the will of the American people. Such a global commission will be very difficult to contain.

Hillary Clinton supports the TPP, refuses to rule out its passage, and has obviously calibrated her language to ensure that that she can swiftly pass it, expand it, and surrender sovereignty to her globalist ideology. All media should demand to know why she won’t rule out passing it, though the answer is obvious.

selloutsanders_small Bernie Betrayal: Hillary Clinton Campaign Says TPP Will Become Law

Even the rosiest TPP projections cited by the Obama administration estimate that the agreement will slow the growth of manufacturing in the United States by 120,000 jobs over the next 15 years, while other studies show that the U.S. could lose more than 400,000 jobs. Clinton’s advisor, Kurt Campbell, who served as her Assistant Secretary of State in the first Obama Administration, like other expansive trade advocates, remains oblivious to the impacts such a massive trade deal will have on an already struggling middle America.

Mr. Campbell’s statements further confirmation that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have not given up. They fully intend to sneak the TPP through Congress, with perhaps a few cosmetic changes, after the election when the House and Senate are no longer accountable to the American voters, or even in the next Congress.

While talking with the newspaper, The Australian, Campbell also found time to denigrate the presumptive nominee of one of our national parties, Donald Trump. And The Australian reported that the former Australian Foreign Minister has written that Campbell “… will be Secretary of State if Mrs. Clinton becomes President at the end of the year.”

This is another example of the political duplicity that has justly made the American people furious. While she makes statements that on the surface suggest she opposes the TPP that she once vigorously promoted