Bernie Sanders got done in by dirty Debbie and the Democrats

Todd Starnes, 

The Democratic National Convention has a genuine mess on its hands, folks.

The folks over at WikiLeaks did a document dump over the weekend – thousands of Democratic National Committee emails — the mother lode of Democratic dirt. And it turned out to be a great big pile of political stink.

It seems as though the party of tolerance and diversity is festering with anti-Semitism and bigotry.

In one email they called their Latino outreach… Taco Bowl Engagement.

They also wanted to use Bernie Sander’s Jewish faith against him. The emails also show collusion between the DNC and the mainstream media to derail the Bern — from Politico to CBS to NBC.

It’s some really nasty stuff, folks. And the fallout is just beginning.

dems_small-3 Bernie Sanders got done in by dirty Debbie and the Democrats

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz is resigning her post in disgrace – but instead of going quietly into the good night – she’s taking a job with the Clinton campaign.

Now I know that Bernie is a good-for-nothing, no-account socialist — but I still feel bad for the guy. He got robbed.

Poor Bernie was done in Dirty Debbie and the Democrats

Now there’s a lesson to be learned here folks — had the Democrats just let Hillary handle their private emails — they never would’ve seen the light of day.