Billy Graham: “Hope and Change

 Shaun Connell,

Barack Obama’s campaign strategy is simple: to dramatically grow the government in every area of life, he would need to do it while sounding like a “moderate” rather than the radical statist that he is It almost worked… but now people are starting to finally realize what’s happening before it’s too late. The states are rebelling, sheriffs are rebelling, and polls show people are realizing the truth about government.

Even Billy Graham cut through Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogans with the truth: they were nothing more than clichés used to undermine liberty, especially religious liberty in the context of Obamacare.

CNS News reports:

Rev. Billy Graham said that America was founded upon Biblical principles and the idea that people can freely worship God without fear of government oppression, adding that “hope and change” slogans are a cliché in the nation and that it is disconcerting “to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed.”

billygraham_small Billy Graham: “Hope and Change

“Americans have always fought for freedom. This is why America was founded: to worship the one true God openly with no fear of tyranny,” said Rev. Graham, 94, in a written interview with that was published on Sunday.  “Our early fathers led our nation according to Biblical principles.

Hope and change has become a cliché in our nation and it is daunting to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed,” said Rev. Graham.

“Our country is turning away from what has made it so great, but far greater than the government knowing our every move that could lead to losing our freedom to worship God publicly is to know that God knows our every thought; He knows our hearts need transformation,” said Graham.

“The human heart can be changed only by the power of God,” he said.  “Hope is certain only through His Son Jesus Christ — not in the change agents of the world, and when the end of the world as we know it takes place at Christ’s return, no government can prevent it and no individual can escape it. Those who hope for it will welcome it; those who refuse to embrace its reality will never change its certainty.

Like usual, Billy Graham is right. How sad that one of the most blessed and prosperous free countries is slowly giving away that liberty to imperial presidents because they can make up some shallow clichés.

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