Black Mob Violence Cancels 4th of July Celebrations


July 4th, 2012, Bedford, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, held their annual fireworks show.  Before it was all over, a mob of 50-80 blacks began attacking the townspeople at the fireworks show.  They were hitting people in the face with no apparent reason other than to disrupt the festivities and hurt as many people as possible.

flag_small Black Mob Violence Cancels 4th of July Celebrations

The local Wal-Mart and a Get-Go store closed their doors for over 3 hours due to the mob violence.  Bedford had to call in police from three nearby towns to stop the violence.  They used pepper ball pellets and tasers on the black mob.  Some even thought that the blacks were going from town to town causing problems and terrorizing citizens.

When it was over, many citizens complained to the city council.  Some even complained that they were being prevented from discussing what happened because of political correctness.  To avoid the mob violence that has plagued the town’s 4th of July celebrations, the city council decided to cancel the display this year.

Bedford isn’t the only Cleveland area town to suffer from the racially charged black mob violence.  Communities such as Shaker Heights, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights have also experienced the same type of violence caused by mobs of 50 to 100 black youths who are completely out of control.  Shaker Heights, like Bedford decided to cancel its 4th of July celebration because of the black mob violence in the past.

One upset father wrote to the Cleveland Plains Dealer saying:

“My daughter and I will NOT be back next year. ‘Daddy why are all those kids screaming, swearing and fighting?’ ‘Because their parents didn’t raise them any better honey.’

“Nothing better to see police in riot gear riding on the outside of a SWAT van as the fireworks celebrating our freedom from the English rule rush toward a crowd of idiots, Then police officers telling people that are there to watch the fireworks that THEY have to leave.”

“But I thought that the police would put an end to that. I was wrong.”

There were a number of similar stories from people in several surrounding towns, all reporting the violence and chaos caused by the black mobs.  As I read some of them, I recalled that this is the area where many voting precincts reported 100% of the votes had been cast for Barack Obama. These mobs are his supporters.  They are the type of people who care nothing for law (neither does Obama) and for the people (neither does Obama) and just do whatever they feel like (as does Obama).

Even though this has been happening for several years, very little has been reported by the mainstream media and Obama has been silent on the whole issue.  Instead of trying to stop the black mobs, Obama’s silence is seen by many as his approval of their actions. Is it any wonder why our nation is going down the crapper?

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