Black Racism: The Evil of Our Time


The Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and the rest of the race-card entrepreneurs that poison our political landscape share the convoluted belief that whenever a young black thug brutalizes a “cracker”, it isn’t an act of racism — but rather a palpable release of pent up hostility over slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

jamesakabugtweet1 Black Racism: The Evil of Our Time

This belief is not only laughable — but also one huge dose of bulls@#t!

Truth is — these ill-educated thugs (who have zero knowledge of the likes of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks) have been groomed by hip-hop artists and a phalanx of the above mentioned race-hustlers that white people are “devils” and therefore — “must be put down.”  

In short:: Black racism.

racists_small Black Racism: The Evil of Our Time

James Edwards — one of the black teens charged with killing Australian baseball player Christopher Lane — constantly posted racist hip-hop lyrics as well as anti-Caucasian rants on his social media pages. Edwards (who genuflected at the altar of hip-hop) clearly had an unyielding antipathy for white folks evidenced by his most infamous tweet: “90% of white ppl nasty. #HATE THEM.”

Again, the hatred Edwards displayed for whites had nothing to do with events that took place generations ago in our nation — but rather it is a vile manifestation of today’s hip-hop culture and the race-hustlers that make their fortune stirring the racial pot.

Al Sharpton — aided by his posse of race pimps — has spent the last three decades filling the hearts and minds of young black men with unwarranted hatred for “the white man.” Sharpton’s claims of economic “suppression” and “systemic” racism (at the hands of  racist white males) represent the very pinnacle of mendacity.

After all — if America is currently laboring under the throes of systemic racism, as Sharpton so dogmatically claims — how does he account for the great success of the NBA?

Think about it: The NBA (a multi-billion dollar enterprise) is 90% black — while its audience is 90% white. Not to mention the fact that some of its star athletes (think LeBron James) are among the wealthiest people in America.

This is but one of a thousand of examples that shoots Sharpton’s racial demagoguery to hell (which is exactly where it belongs).

But, sadly — such demagoguery (along with the hip-hip industry’s “kill the cracker”  mentality) has created an environment where 90% of the white people murdered in America are murdered by blacks.   

This highly disturbing statistic makes the following statement all the more real: Black racism: the evil of our time.