Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

I live just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and a local news story has caught my attention.

Six black teenagers were bored, so they decided to attack and beat up a helpless white man who was walking down the street minding his own business. The victim had just finished some shopping at a local Ameristop and had his hands full of bags. When the attack started, he was knocked to the ground. He told the youths that he just got aid and offered them his cash, but they just laughed at him and kept on with the attack. After the attack, the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of severe bruising, cuts, scrapes and internal bleeding.  victim-of-beating-by-6-black-teens-220x120 Black Teens Beat White Man Because They Were Bored – Where is Sharpton and Jackson?

When police arrested the teens, they told the police that they were bored and were looking for something to do.

Had the teens been white and the victim black, it would have instantly been labeled as a hate crime and Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would have been screaming for a lynch mob to gather outside the police station where the youths were being booked. Even though this senseless crime happened a week ago, I haven’t heard anyone even mention the term hate crime.  


That’s because hate crimes only occur if a white attacks a black or a straight person attacks a gay person. When roles are reverse and blacks attack white or gays attack a straight person, it’s not a hate crime. Therefore, if you are a straight white person, you may get charged with a hate crime if you accidentally step on a black gay’s toe, but that black gay can turn around beat the snot out of you and it’s just a simple assault.

So goes the hypocrisy of today’s judicial system and advocates like Sharpton and Jackson.