Black Violence Controlling Section Of US Landmark And Media Is Silent


When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he promised to make things better for blacks.  Since garnering the vast majority of the black vote, Obama has helped the wrong blacks while making things worse for most blacks in America.

From Obama’s swearing into office in January 2009, the unemployment rate for blacks has increased to more than double the national unemployment rates.  For black teens, the unemployment rate is now more than 6 times the national average.  The number of blacks seeking food stamps, welfare and other government aid is increasing at a faster rate than the national average.

ObamasAmerica_small Black Violence Controlling Section Of US Landmark And Media Is Silent

But blacks should not be dismayed because Obama has helped a number of blacks in other ways.  To begin with, two leaders of the New Black Panthers were caught on video tape intimidating voters in the 2008 November elections.  J. Christian Adams worked for the Justice Department and was about to prosecute the two black men when he was ordered by to drop all charges and let them go.  Adams was so alarmed by the lawless actions of Holder and Obama that he resigned from the DOJ.

Ever since the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin shooting a year ago, black mob violence has escalated faster than the Obamas can pack their bags for their next vacation.  Thousands of whites have been robbed, beaten and assaulted by mobs of blacks, many of which made comments that it was for Trayvon.  A number of whites have been killed by black mobs and the mainstream media has been silent about most of it.  The Obama administration has effectively silenced the media and fails to take action to stem the growing tide of black mob violence.

The situation has become so prevalent that a portion of a national landmark has been taken over by black gangs and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

The American Tobacco Trail is located in the Durham, North Carolina area.  The trail is just over 20 miles and runs through part of Durham and three counties.  It used by hikers, joggers, bikers and even equestrians.  Mom’s with strollers are also known to use parts of the trail.

However, there is a section of the trail that runs through the urban part of Durham near the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway that has become the territory of black gangs.  People using this portion of the trail have been beaten, robbed, knocked off their bikes and threatened.  The thing all of these crimes have in common is that they were perpetrated by black gangs.

Since 2011, there have been at least 40 such crimes along the trail committed by black gangs.  The latest incident involved a 53 year old man who was attacked, robbed and beaten with a large stick.  The victim ended up in the hospital from his wounds.  In June, there were two incidents involving an armed black man.  In August, a jogger was attacked and beaten by a black mob for no apparent reason as the victim was not robbed.

All the local police are saying to warn people using the trail, is to travel in groups and have a cell phone with them so they can call for help.  One person posted on the local news website:

“Again, police advocate carrying a cell phone but not a pistol or even a stout club? What is wrong with them? Are they giving up their firearms? What is the cell phone for? Is that so you have something extra to bargain with the criminal for your life? Unreal.”

One would be victim posted his account on the

“This was my first ride on the ATT. Having had my a– kicked by a group of teens in NYC, I saw familiar signs of trouble to come as I headed back towards downtown. 5-6 young teens huddled around on a bridge and watched me as I approached, right before Riddle Rd, I believe. As I passed them, one kid threw a fistful of rocks at me, hitting the side of my face. Right past them was a large branch on the path, neatly placed to block the entire paved area. I rode over it slowly, just in time for 3 older teens, maybe 18 or so, to approach me, one of whom said something, which I lost in the wind I generated hauling a– towards town.”

Also posted on was the account of Lisa Sorg that happened in November 2011:

“And in late September, I had to call the police from Mile Marker .25, at the bridge downtown. This was at 5:30 in the afternoon when a guy on a trick bike yells, “G–damn b—-!” I didn’t answer. So he biked in front of me and continued to accost me, “Hey, G–damn b—-, why didn’t you answer? Why are you getting all white on me?”

It seems not many people in the Durham community seem very concerned about the black violence that is taking place on the American Tobacco Trail.  Instead of patrolling the area, police seem to be content on just warning people about using the trail by themselves.

Would it surprise you to learn that Durham has a black Democrat for mayor and that the demographics of the city are nearly equal between whites and blacks?  The people of Durham have voted predominantly Democrat in every presidential election since 1869.  Therefore, it only makes sense that the city officials would take the same stand on black violence as the Obama administration takes.