Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

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 I would like to begin by stressing the solution to the potentially catastrophic problems I will describe today. I have two audiences. Those Inside Government and those on the outside. The solution to all the problems I will be describing is to release the scientific works of Nikola Tesla and all improvements make to his experiments since his death more than 7 decades ago. Tesla invented alternating current generators and a lot more. When he died, the Secret Government seized 155 box and crates of his notes and lab equipment. They have spent hundreds of billions of dollars since then perfecting his rather brilliant work and other advanced areas of science.

It is time that all scientific knowledge not of a military nature held by the Secret Government be released.  

bloodmoons_small Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

April 15, 2014 will be the first in a series of four Blood Moons spaced roughly six months apart with no partial lunar eclipses in between. We have not had four Blood Moons in succession in the past 300 years. A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse. The moon will appear to be burnt reddish orange in color as the moon will be completely in the earth’s shadow. This will be the first of several Blood Moons in the 21st century.

Of more interest to me is the peculiar behavior of buoys in the South Pacific near Australia. Buoys go into event mode when they detect large changes in water columns. This allows scientists to track tsunamis after an earthquake. Tsunamis travel at 500 mph (805 kmh). In the video below buoys 3,450 miles (5,552 kilometers) apart went into event mode within 20 minutes of each other after that recent April 12th Solomon Islands earthquake. Waves cannot travel more than 10,000 mph. By comparison the buoys near Tonga took 13 hours to go into event mode after the 8.2 Chile earthquake of April 2nd. The video does point out that scientists previously had to remove one buoy from their reporting list because it revealed that the Indo-Australian plate is breaking up. This is not good news for anyone living near the Pacific Ocean.

We have had 5 major 7.0 or greater earthquakes so far in April. Some say quakes occur more frequently in those months when Mars is closest to earth. Mars is close to earth now as it was during the Fukushima quake of March 11, 2011. Mars can explain why we have so many quakes this time of year.  But why so many more now than before?

Stan Deyo has noted that the earth’s core is now releasing more Helium and Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide gas was smelled by the people of Pompeii before the volcano at Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. The people of southern California can smell Hydrogen Sulfide coming from the four volcanoes near the Arizona border at Salton Sea.  The federal government has detected releases of Hydrogen Sulfide near a rather large sinkhole adjacent to a combined energy storage facility and nuclear waste dump in Louisiana. A lot of Methane gas has been released at that sinkhole and at areas nearby. Methane by itself can be a problem for human and animal life as large and sudden releases of Methane from the earth in the past have created extinction events over hundreds of square miles for life forms requiring oxygen.

I have been watching that sinkhole in Jefferson parish (county) Louisiana for more than a year. The United States government in its infinite wisdom has stored 18.8 millions barrels of butane and propane in salt caverns adjacent to a cavern used to store nuclear waste. Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide are naturally filling up nearby salt caverns. The combination of butane, propane, Hydrogen Sulfide and nuclear waste are all a Hollywood script writer would need for a dirty bomb. This is an area where a sinkhole is swallowing up trees into its ever expanding lake.

Louisiana is on the Mississippi river and is directly south of the New Madrid fault zone. Historically, America’s largest series of quakes were the four on the New Madrid fault that occurred in the nine weeks from December 16, 1811 to February 7, 1812. Two of those quakes reversed the flow of the Mississippi river. The Mississippi is the fourth longest river in the world.

I also keep an eye on the numerous quake fault lines in California, the subduction zone off the coast of the Americas and the Juan de Fuca plate off the coast of Washington state. Stan Deyo is expecting a 9.0 or greater earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and also strong quake activity in southern California. Most people do not realize that Reno Nevada is 25 miles west of Los Angeles California due to earth changes.

The Smithsonian reported 5 new and 7 ongoing volcanic eruptions for the past week. Nobody knows the real number of active volcanoes because most are at the bottom of the oceans.

I would like to repeat for the benefit of new readers America’s infrastructure problem relating to earthquakes. The southern California section of the San Andreas fault has not erupted in over 300 years and is long over due. Los Angeles has several other fault lines. A major quake could rupture the gasoline, oil, natural gas, water and sewer lines in addition to collapsing the freeways and hospitals. That means 20 million people would have no water, no electricity, no sewers, no food, no medical facilities and no way out. Thanks to the federal government there are more than 100,000 heavily armed gang members in Los Angeles. There is a nuclear reactor at San Onofre in Dan Diego county five miles from the North American subduction plate. If the San Onofre reactor melts down after a major quake, all 20 million people in southern California will be fighting to get out.

Nationwide America has 800,000 miles (1,287,475 Kms) of water pipes and aqueducts.

The US has 600,000 miles (965,606 Kms) of sewers.

The US has more than 300,000 miles (482,803 Kms) of natural gas pipelines and 150,000 miles (241,402 Kms)  of crude  oil and gasoline pipelines.

The New Madrid fault zone is in the center of the US so earthquakes in that area could disrupt water, natural gas, sewer and oil lines in addition to the electrical power grid.

The US has 2 nuclear power plants near fault lines in California and 11 near the New Madrid zone. What happens if Spent Fuel Pool 4 at Fukushima collapses? The Canadian scientist David Suzuki said it would destroy life in Japan and make life unbearable in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. So what happens if a series of quakes in California, Washington, Asia and the New Madrid zone erupt over the next few years causing 6 to 8 Fukushimas in the US and an equal number in Asia?

1816 was a year without a summer due to the eruption of Mt Tambora in the Dutch East Indies. This one volcano sent so much ash into the air that sunlight was blocked, temperatures were lowered and food production was curtailed. There was also minimal sunspot activity at the time which is another source of Global Cooling. Eyjafjallajökull and Katla volcanoes in Iceland are covered in ice. The Katla volcano erupted in 1918 and sent so much ice into the air that it flooded the trenches on the battlefields of WW I. There are several other potentially active volcanoes around the world capable of a major sunlight blocking eruption.

We could easily have another Year Without A summer in 2015 if not 2014. The Sun is producing a minimal number of sunspots. We are also in a period where the number of major earthquakes and volcanoes seems to be increasing. Additional ash could block the sun and curtail  food production. There were only a little over a billion people in 1816 but today there are more than 7 billion. (Note: China under reports their population by at least 300 million.)

Releasing Tesla Free Energy and other scientific advances would mitigate an otherwise Life Eliminating Event caused by a period of increasing earthquake and volcanic activity during a time of decreasing Solar output. Twenty Fukushimas would be a Life Eliminating Event.

Free Tesla Energy needs to be deployed now so we can start taking nuclear power plants offline first near earthquake fault lines and then everywhere. Tesla Energy would be locally distributed so we could start dismantling long power lines. We could replace natural gas and gasoline with nearly free electricity. Cheap electricity will allow us to desalinate water on a scale sufficient to expand agricultural output. And cheap energy would also make it profitable to raise food year round in green houses and in aquaponics tanks in soon to be cooler climates. We will need the additional food because another Maunder minimum like the last one would decrease solar activity and food output but unlike then we now have six billion more people.

As I said, I am addressing these words to those Inside the Government as well as those of us on the outside who have friends and relatives in the military, the police and the security services. I doubt that any member of the 30 families mentioned by David Rothkopf will defect to the side of humanity. But they have 6,000 Minions and millions in the Secret Intelligence and Scientific Services who could join in a Conspiracy For Good to release the technology we desperately need. If the economy approaches a point of desperation, this could force the US military into a coup to stop Wall Street and the City of London from launching World War III. That could compel the release of the scientific knowledge we must have if we are to survive.