Bobby Jindal’s Freedom and Empowerment Plan

As honorary chairman of America Next, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal hosted a conference call to introduce the group’s proposal for replacing ObamaCare, The Freedom and Empowerment Plan.  It’s probably no coincidence that conventional political wisdom says any serious Republican contender for the 2016 presidential nomination needs a good ObamaCare repeal-and-replace package.  Rest assured that Governor Jindal’s knowledge of this proposal is encyclopedic.  He not only knows what’s in there, he knows exactly why, and he’s prepared for the inevitable objections from ObamaCare defenders.

jindal_freedomplan_small Bobby Jindal's Freedom and Empowerment Plan

For example, he knows the Left will insist ObamaCare is impossible to repeal, universal coverage through the individual mandate is indispensable, and no alternative proposal will take care of patients with pre-existing conditions the way ObamaCare does.  Jindal finds the “impossible to repeal” argument “ridiculous” for a nation that won two world wars and put men on the moon.  He anticipates pressure for repeal growing as more of ObamaCare’s deficiencies become apparent to the public.  I asked him how he would respond to last-ditch arguments that we can’t throw ObamaCare away because so much time and money has already been plowed into the effort.  He said the costs of continuing the program will be so great that writing off the tortured billion-dollar websites will be a modest price to pay for escape, especially since his Freedom and Empowerment Plan includes features that will make a solid financial difference to people currently undergoing treatment for ObamaCare rate shock.