Bombshell: John Boehner Might Have Known About Benghazi Op Beforehand

 Speaker of the House John Boehner is a member of the “Super 8,” which is a small group of leaders in Congress that receive inside information about issues of national security. He has also repeatedly blocked resolutions that would create a special committee for the purpose of executing a special investigation of Benghazi from coming to a vote in the House.

Former Rep. Allen West and others believe that he might be hiding something — and they demand answers.

As we reported recently, a large group of conservative and military leaders, along with family members of the victims of the 2012 attack, sent the Speaker a letter demanding that he authorize a vote on creating the aforementioned committee.

From Fox News:

“Some analysts believe your inaction and passivity towards getting to the truth concerning Benghazi is because you were briefed on the intelligence and special operations activities in Libya,” the letter to Boehner said. It was signed by the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, the mother and uncle of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and 70 others including retired generals.   

BOEHNER_small Bombshell: John Boehner Might Have Known About Benghazi Op Beforehand

“You may possess ‘guilty knowledge,’” the letter alleges, before drawing a comparison to Nancy Pelosi’s conflict several years ago regarding the CIA’s interrogation program. […]

The letter questions why Boehner is resisting calls for an independent investigative committee – similar to the type of panel that investigated Watergate — when nearly 80 percent of House Republicans support it. Boehner last year indicated he was privy to classified information about U.S. operations in Libya.

In an interview with radio host Laura Ingraham in January 2013, Boehner was asked about reported weapons transfers raised by Sen. Rand Paul during questioning of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. The speaker responded: “I’m somewhat familiar with the chatter about this and the fact that these arms were moving towards Turkey, but most of what I know about this came from a classified source, and really can’t elaborate on it.”

Fox News asked the speaker’s office to clarify his comments to Ingraham, in light of the Benghazi relatives’ letter, specifically whether Boehner  was briefed on the covert operations in Libya, and if those briefings covered weapons transfers.

Boehner’s spokesman emphasized that no one has been more dedicated to laying out the facts about Benghazi, adding: “The Speaker does not ever discuss classified information in public. In this case, he simply said he was aware of the rumors that were circulating publicly.”

Imagine being the parent of one of the four victims and the State Department refuses to tell you anything about why your son died.

Imagine them insulting you with pathetic lies when all you want is closure and what little peace of mind you can get.

Imagine mainstream publications outright lying to protect the very people you believe have your son’s blood on their hands.

Imagine if the questioning of this attack is responded to with “What difference does it make?” or “Benghazi happened a long time ago.”

If Speaker Boehner has a heart, he would immediately approve a vote on this resolution — not just for the credibility of the federal government as a whole, but to provide these parents with much-needed answers.

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