Brewers want Obama’s beer recipe

With no jobs, people in foreclosure,a deficit now reaching mars,a possible market crash and an election that appears to look like a bad storm this is what they want to know?And I would like to know how Michelle grew honey in her garden?

FOX News The people want to know what’s in the brew. The latest document requested of the White House isn’t about the economy or national security. It’s about beer recipes.  obama_beer_bottle-300x168 Brewers want Obama’s beer recipe
The White House has made no secret that it churns out brews that include Honey Porter and Honey Blonde Ale, made with the honey from Michelle Obama’s White House garden and equipment the Obamas bought with their own money. But ever since President Obama last week admitted he was traveling with a stash of White House-brewed beer on his campaign bus, beer enthusiasts want to know how it’s made.

Individuals calling themselves “homebrewers across America