Building 7 – Still The Smoking Gun


What’s been told, or rather sold, to us on TV by news pundits, presidents and lawmakers are all complete and blatant lies.

Anyone who’s tried to wake someone else up with evidence of squibs, sub-basement explosions, knowledge of past false-flags perpetrated by our government, and the arrant impossibility of two 110-story skyscrapers collapsing at free-fall speed knows what gets the biggest reaction is mentioning the fact that a third building fell that day – a 47-story building that was not hit by a plane.

When confronted by this little known fact, 9/11 truth-debunkers are sent reeling and scramble to come up with some scenario in which a STEEL-FRAMED building could collapse when it sustained little to no damage. Truth debunkers get positively infuriated, and utterly uncomfortable, as they begin postulating speculations from all angles, covering up for the government they hold so dear.

What’s their logic? What goes through their heads as they ponder the fact that our own government would kill its own people?

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