Calif. university deems ‘man,’ ‘secretary,’ ‘male nurse’ not inclusive enough

“Secretary” is an exclusive word that’s inappropriate to use, California State University Fullerton told students on a handout about gender-inclusive language. Instead, use “administrative assistant,” the guide said.

Also off-limits: “Mankind,” “man the desk/phones/tables,” “hey guys,” “man-made,” “workmanship,” “hey, dudes!” and “the common man.” And don’t even think about using “man” or calling someone “Mrs. or Miss,” or more than a dozen other words and phrases.

As part of its Inclusive Language Program, CSU Fullerton also invited students to let the University know what words or phrases “you want people to eliminate.”

calstate_small Calif. university deems 'man,' 'secretary,' 'male nurse' not inclusive enough College

A spokesman — ahem, sorry, spokesperson — for CSU Fullerton said participation in the Inclusive Language program is voluntary, emphasizing the University’s commitment to free speech.

“The views of the presenter in no way demonstrate a mandatory personnel policy or a student conduct policy of Cal State Fullerton, and any person at our campus is free to disagree with those views,” said Jeffrey D. Cook., the University’s chief communications officer. “Cal State Fullerton does not police language on our campus and fully supports the rights of free speech and expression.”

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