California Voters You Must Register Republican, California Has a Closed Primary: Info

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California’s GOP Presidential Primary is a “closed” system. You must be registered as a Republican if you want to vote for Donald Trump. Visit this link at the Secretary of State to register Republican.

California Has a Closed Primary

You must be registered Republican to vote in the California Primary for Donald Trump!

California Vote June 7th, 7am to 8pm

You can register Republican online at the Secretary of State’s website. Do not delay, register Republican today.

For help, contact the Trump California HQ

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Quick Points

  • 1) Find a polling location.
  • 2) You can vote for Trump as a registered Republican.
  • 3) Bring a valid ID and be 18 years of age or older on election day and a United States citizen.

Voting in California

Thank you for your interest in being a California voter!

As a voter, you will help decide who will lead us. You make your voice heard on important issues that affect the future of our state and nation. Every time you use your precious right to vote, our democracy grows stronger. 

It’s easy to take part in elections when you have the tools and information! Whether it’s your first time voting or you are an experienced voter who has moved and just need to re-register to vote, Voting in California will give you everything you need to get started.

Here, you can apply to register to vote or fill in a printable vote-by-mail application, find your polling place and learn what to expect on Election Day. You can also brush up on your rights and responsibilities as a voter, find answers to your questions about elections and voting, and get informed about the issues on the next statewide election ballot.

To apply to vote by mail, select “Where and How to Vote.” If you would like to vote at your local polling place instead, that same page will tell you what to bring when you vote for the first time.

The Secretary of State offers voter information and assistance in English and nine more languages. Select SpanishChineseHindiJapaneseKhmerKoreanTagalogThai or Vietnamese or choose a language on the left side of this page.

For voter assistance in your language, call one of the toll-free Voter Hotlines.

Voter Education and Outreach

Want to spread the word about voting? Visit Voter Education and Outreach to find out how you can join Secretary Padilla and a wide range of employers, nonprofit organizations and educators around the state who are working to improve voter participation in California.

Official Voter Information Guide


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