Catholic Advisory Group Calls on Kaine to Denounce Anti-Catholic Bigotry and Apologize

NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday on ABC’s Sunday talk show This Week Tim Kaine was asked to defend and apologize for the anti-Catholic bigotry contained in e-mails from Clinton campaign officials and instead questioned the veracity of the e-mails and the charges.

Joseph Cella, the Catholic Liaison for the Trump/Pence campaign stated:

“If, as Tim Kaine says, he is ‘very, very serious about his Catholicism,’ he should denounce this type of anti-Catholic bigotry his Irish forebears faced. When they were seeking jobs, they stood face to face with ‘Irish (Catholics) Need Not Apply’ signs at businesses seeking to hire people. Would Tim Kaine have defended Irish Catholic workers against this anti-Catholicism as they sought the dignity of a job so they could provide for their families?

“For the sake of Tim Kaine’s argument, let’s assume Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta, and John Halpin played no part in these bigoted anti-Catholic e-mails. We call on him to state that denouncing the Catholic Church as ‘a middle ages dictatorship,’ ‘backwards,’ where ‘no one knows what the hell they’re talking about,’ and that trying to foment a revolution in the Catholic Church are all unacceptable, and to declare there is no place for such vicious anti-Catholicism whether behind the privacy of a keyboard, or in the public arena.

timkaineanticatholic_small Catholic Advisory Group Calls on Kaine to Denounce Anti-Catholic Bigotry and Apologize Freedom

“At a time when Catholics and the issues of greatest concern to Catholics are under assault, the fact that Tim Kaine refuses to acknowledge such anti-Catholic bigotry, and dismisses it as mere ‘opinions’ that need no apology, fuels the concerns of Catholics that a time of great persecution lies ahead.

“If, as Tim Kaine says, ‘in terms of respect for the church and people’s faith lives, Hillary Clinton has that respect because that’s what motivates her,’ then Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine will apologize for the anti-Catholic bigotry in these e-mails out of respect for the Church and the faith lives of Catholics, and fire those involved.”