‘Celebrity Apprentice’ vs. ‘The Biggest Loser(s)’: Washington edition

Wayne Allyn Root,

It’s happening right before our eyes. President Trump is busy changing the direction of America, while Democrats worry about the color of the curtains in the White House.

Remarkably, politics today is like a reality television show. President Trump is “Celebrity Apprentice.” The career Washington politicians are “the Biggest Losers.”

Like the “Apprentice” Trump is new to Washington and the ways of government. But he’s a quick learner and one of the most brilliant businessmen in world history. At one point a quarter of a century ago, Trump was billions of dollars in debt to the biggest banks in the world. For all intents and purposes Trump was bankrupt and finished.

The arrogant bankers thought they had him right where they wanted him. But Trump defeated the banks — and pulled a rabbit out of a hat. He came back from death’s door. Today he is worth an estimated $4 billion plus — with almost no debt. Houdini couldn’t have pulled off a better trick.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” knows how to win a tough reality competition. The D.C. liberal politicians are making the same mistake — writing Trump off prematurely. The difference this time is…

Bankers are a thousand times smarter than career Washington politicians.

The politicians in Washington are “the Biggest Losers.” They have no idea what they’re up against. They are so hysterical over President Trump that they’ve convinced themselves that they’re winning. Only days ago a leading Democrat said Trump is already a “lame duck president.”

I’ll bet the bankers thought that, too.

Meanwhile Trump is quietly going about destroying liberals and liberal policies. It’s happening every single day and the liberal politicians and biased-liberal mainstream media are too blind, deaf, and mostly dumb to notice.

In only the last week, while liberals sat around gloating over the “failure” of the ObamaCare repeal…Trump changed the direction of America. Trump is busy erasing Obama like he never existed.

caphill_small-2 'Celebrity Apprentice' vs. 'The Biggest Loser(s)': Washington edition Politics

And wait, ObamaCare’s repeal is coming too. What happened to TrumpCare was a short-term blip. Trump is relentless. I should know. I wrote the national bestseller “The Power of RELENTLESS.” Trump is the poster boy for relentless. More on that in a minute.

First let’s review what Trump has accomplished in only a week.

 — Trump approved the Keystone Pipeline that Obama fought against for eight long years, then killed outright. Like Freddie Krueger in “Nightmare on Elm Street” Keystone is back from the dead.

 — Trump rolled back Obama’s entire climate change agenda and killed the war on coal. Coal was dead, and now it’s not. 

Like I said, Trump is erasing Obama like he was never there.

 – Trump and AG Jeff Sessions announced the defunding of Sanctuary Cities. Finally, we have a president who believes in the rule of law. Finally, we have a president who believes in the U.S. Constitution. Finally, we have a president who takes action. Finally, we have a president who follows through on his campaign promises. Trump really will cut off funding to cities that protect illegal aliens and refuse to obey the laws of the land. 

It’s a new country, folks. Call it “Trumpland.”

–  Trump forced an Israel-hater at the United Nations who authored a report calling Israel an “apartheid state” to resign. Obama would have given her an award. Trump said “YOU’RE FIRED.” 

 – Trump signed legislation killing BLM (Bureau of Land Management —  where all the liberal big government control freaks live) rules for federal government control of over 40 million acres of federal lands. Trump has the back of ranchers, farmers, property owners. The power is back in the hands of the states, not Gestapo-like agents of the federal government.

– Trump put his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of a SWAT team of business executives with the job of streamlining government, overhauling the federal bureaucracy and killing regulations that hinder business.

 – Trump signed two new Executive Orders on trade policy leveling the playing field for American workers. Trump just did something no other politician has ever done — he did exactly what he promised on the campaign trail.

–  Don’t look now, but Trump is taking bids on the building of “THE WALL.” Liberals believed Trump’s wall was just a slick campaign slogan. It’s really happening. Over 500 companies have signed up to make bids to build the infamous wall — and over a dozen are Hispanic-owned.

–  And then Trump shocked the world by directing a missile attack on Syria’s air bases after Syria used chemical weapons on their own people. Trump drew the line in the sand that Obama never did in eight years. Trump punished the bad guys and sent a powerful message to China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. “There is a new sheriff in town. Don’t mess with America!”

–  Finally, my educated guess is Trump is also creating Executive Orders right now, behind the scenes, that slowly starve and strangle ObamaCare without any Congressional vote. Wanna bet? 

But in the end, it won’t matter. Because I’m betting President Trump will convince Congress to pass the ObamaCare repeal…soon. Trump didn’t lose that battle. Liberals celebrated way too soon.

Businessmen like Trump never fail. They just learn from an initial failure, pick themselves back up and figure out how to win the battle.

Smart businessmen are relentless. They run circles around politicians.

Trump’s political opposition in Congress is made up of a bunch of clueless career politicians. They have no balls. They’ve never risked a dime of their own money. They play only with OPM (other people’s money). They have no idea how to play a game of “chicken” against Trump, a man who has risked billions of his own money. Trump will eat them for breakfast.

ObamaCare is as good as dead. Liberals just don’t know it yet.

And Trump will be one step closer to erasing Obama’s legacy like he never existed.

With President Trump in charge, politics is like the greatest show on earth. It’s like a battle of  “Celebrity Apprentice” vs. “the Biggest Losers.”

Wayne Allyn Root is a capitalist evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s latest book is “Angry White Male” (Skyhorse Publishing). He is a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. For more, visit his website: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Follow him on Twitter@WayneRoot.