Choose Life – On Your License Plate

Cortney O’Brien

The pro life movement is moving as fast as a Ford Mustang these days. On July 2, the Rhode Island legislature voted to approve the issuance of a pro-adoption Rhode Island Choose Life License Plate. If Governor Lincoln Chafee signs the bi-partisan bill, The Ocean State will become the 30th in the nation to allow pro lifers to literally take their message on the road.

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CareNet Pregnancy Center of Rhode Island designed the specialty plate, which is pink and yellow, features two smiling children and displays the nationally recognizable Choose Life kids logo. Despite the plate’s seeming innocence, Gov. Chafee, who is pro choice, says he is “very concerned” with approving the bill.

Of course, the pro life plate is also facing some expected road rage from abortion rights advocates, who argue the state shouldn’t inject itself into the abortion debate and want Gov. Chafee to veto the bill. Yet, as some are rightly asking, don’t pro choice advocates aggressively lobby for taxpayer funded abortions and contraceptives?

From another angle of consideration, this isn’t just an issue of the pro life versus the pro choice. It is a matter of free speech. Rhode Islanders – and all American drivers for that matter – have the right to display their beliefs on their set of wheels. Does the “Coexist” bumper sticker ring a bell? That being said, pro choice advocates have every right to ask their state for permission to buy specialty plates that display their message. Yet somehow, I don’t think “Choose to End Life” would be very popular.