Citizen Journalist Takes on Ted Cruz

Editor’s Note:  Anna Tomerlin has done some extensive investigation into the family line of Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz and frankly, the information is quite disturbing.  Anna has graciously allowed us to repost her article to inform the public.

It is time to choose The Constitution and The Republic over Politicians and Political Parties.

Ted Cruz’s Natural Born Citizen status is in question. For that matter his citizenship status is in question. Cruz is an agent for a foreign power and foreign invader. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is not a United States citizen.  

voteforcruzisvoteforhillary Citizen Journalist Takes on Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Family Timeline:

1928 Alan Boon Wilson born 10-10-1928 Fort Worth, Texas. Ted Cruz’s mother Eleanor Darragh first husband.

1934 – Born November 23, 1934, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, father Edward John Darragh (1905 – 1988), mother Elizabeth Cicchini (1912 – 1992).
1939 – Age 4 Birth of sister Caroline Darragh, Delaware.
1939 – Rafael B.Cruz y Diaz, DOB March 22, 1939, Matazas, Cuba.
1940 – Residence 1 April 1940, Bellefonte, New Castle, Delaware, Marital Status Single Relation to Head of House: Daughter
1952 – Eleanor E. Darragh Graduated St. Joseph’s Academy, Brownsville, Cameron, Texas 18 years old.
1956 – Eleanor E. Darragh Married Alan Boon Wilson, born Fort Worth, Texas. (10/10/1928- currently living, London, England)
1956 – Eleanor Darragh and Alan Wilson Graduated from Rice University, Houston, Harris, Texas.
Republic of Cuba, Administration of Education, School of Segunda Ensenanza, Matanzas, Cuba, Rafael Cruz y Diaz
1955 – 1956 Rafael B Cruz y Diaz arrest booking photo Cuba
1957 – Rafael B Cruz Diaz enters the US Dept of Justice Admitted Aug 21, 1957 Key West, FL, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passport #28871
1959 – Rafael B Cruz Diaz enters the US Dept of Justice Admitted Sept. 15, 1959 Key West, FL, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passport #28871
1958 – Eleanor and Alan Wilson move to London, London, England
1958 – 1966 Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson allegedly becomes a British Subject (Ted Cruz has sealed his mother Immigration/Naturalization, and Passport records) But on Michael Wilson’s birth certificate she is listed as a “non-citizen”
1959 Julia Garza filed the application for marriage record 11/15/1996. Rafael Cruz filed to divorce his first wife 1996. Rafael and Julia were married 37 years.
1961 Rafael B Cruz graduated University Texas, Austin, with a degree in Mathematics.
1961 Rafael B Cruz is granted political asylum and was given a green card. “A green card is allowed to reside and work in the United States, without becoming a citizen of the United States, in this case, under political asylum from Castro’s Cuba. Rafael Cruz’s citizenship status was that of a Cuban national living and working in the United States, under a green card work permit. According to U.S. laws, the green card holder must maintain permanent resident status, and can be removed from the United States if certain conditions of this status are not met.”
1961 Rafael B Cruz first daughter Miriam Ceferina Cruz born (11-22-1961-Died 2011)
1962 Rafael Cruz moves to Dallas, TX, after his second daughter Roxana Lourdes Cruz born (11-18-1962-Living).
1962 – Alan Wilson files for divorce
1963 – Divorce final London, London, England
1963 – Rafael B Cruz works for “Fair Treatment for Cuba” handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers.
1963 – Rafael B Cruz works for “Fair Treatment for Cuba” handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers.
1964 Rafael B Cruz moves to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, allegedly find work in the Oil and Gas Industry. (I believe in November 1964, Rafael B Cruz flees to Canada in fear of arrest because of his work with Fair Play for Cuba in New Orleans, LA. I believe it was at this period that Rafael Cruz abandons his wife Julia and 2 daughters. Leaving them behind Louisiana. There is no recorded of his wife Julia and 2 daughters Miriam and Rozana entering Canada.)
1964 The Cruz resides in Canada for the next eight years. “I worked in Canada for eight years,”Rafael Cruz says.“And while I was in Canada, I became a Canadian citizen.” –(From an interview with NPR”
1966 – Now single Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson gives birth to a son, Michael Darragh Wilson, DOB June 17, 1966. (Eleanor E. D. Wilson is listed as “non-citizen”) meaning she was not a British Subject. Eleanor Darragh Wilson places the newborn up for adoption and returns to the United States. Moving in with her sister Caroline in New Orleans, LA.
The information obtained from American Embassy, London, England Oct. 2, 1967 “Report of the death of an American Citizen.” is as follows: Michael Wilson born UK June 17, 1966 Died Dec. 7, 1966 at 5 months at Hospital of Jt. John and St. Elizabeth, St. Marylebone, London. Certified by G. Thurston, for Inner West, London, of Acute bronchitis. After post morterm without inquest (without inquest means no investigation into death.)
NOTICE: Was sent to Mrs. Eleanor Darragh Wilson, c/o Caroling Jackson, 3219 46th St. Meteric, LA, Mr. Alan Wilson 38 Courtfield Gardens S.W. 5, London. Deceased included mother’s passport #Z598584 issued in London 10-3-66. (This passport number is invalid)
1966 – Michael Darragh Wilson dies December 7, 1966, London, London, England. (Alan Wilson has stated he was not the father of Eleanor’s son Michael. Alan Wilson was married 2 more times and never had children.)
1966 – Eleanor E. D. Wilson move to 3219 46th St. Meteric LA, lives with her sister Caroline Jackson.
1967 – Eleanor E. D. Wilson moves to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. allegedly taking a job in the Oil and Gas industry at the same company Rafael B. Cruz works.
1967 Rafael B Cruz, Manager of Computer Applications, Geophysics & Computer Services, Inc., 723 Howard Ave., New Orleans, LA
1967 – Rafael B Cruz, Selective Service System #163939381
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12983273_1064072606963458_6265423571906289333_o Citizen Journalist Takes on Ted Cruz
1967 – Eleanor Wilson and Rafael Cruz move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 920 Riverdale Ave. South West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (I believe that Cruz flees to Canada to avoid the Draft at the height of the Vietnam War.)
1968 – Rafael B. Cruz born becomes a Canadian citizen. In a stated in a NPR interview he had becomes a Canadian citizen. “I lived in Canada for 8 years and became a Canadian citizen in 1968.”
1969 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz (No record of a marriage between Eleanor and Rafael B Cruz exist) she becomes a Canadian citizen.
1970 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, born December 22, 1970, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, father Rafael Bienvenido Cruz 3/22/1939, mother Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson 11/23/1934. [There is no mention of “non-citizen” for either parent on Ted’s birth certificate. Why not?] [There is no certificate of marriage recorded for Eleanor E. Darragh aka Eleanor E. Wilson, aka Eleanor Darragh Wilson, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson (dob 11/23/34) and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz (dob 3/22/1939) anywhere.]
1970 If Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson was still a US citizen when Ted Cruz was born, she was required by law to go to the US Embassy and register Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz’s birth at the United States Of American Department of State Consular Office and make a Report of Birth Abroad. She did not and Ted Cruz did not do so before his 18th birthday. If you fail to file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad before your 18th birthday the window of citizenship closes.
1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates
1974 – Eleanor Cruz and Rafael Cruz are listed on Canadian Voter Rolls of Canadian citizens eligible to vote in Canadian elections. (3 pages)
1959 – 1996 Rafael Cruz was married to Julia Ann Garza. They were married for 37 years according to Texas Divorce Index Vital Statistics.
1974 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz moves to Houston, Texas with son “Ted” Cruz.
1986 – Wells Fargo Credit Corp. vs Rafael B Cruz and Eleanor E Cruz, case #198648415. Foreclosed upon 1986 to 1989 it reads. Property was sold at auction on the Harris County Court House steps.
1988 Rafael “Ted” Cruz Second Baptist High School, Houston, Texas.
1988 Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz Selective Service System #
1992 Rafael “Ted” Cruz graduates from Princeton University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs.
1995 Rafael “Ted” Cruz graduates from Harvard Law School.
1995 Rafael Ted Cruz becomes a Law Clerk for J. Michael Luttig
1996 Rafael Ted Cruz becomes a Law Clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist
1996 Julia Ann Garza Cruz and Rafael E Cruz divorce
1996 – 1997 – Rafael E Cruz vs Eleanor E Cruz case #199634003
1997 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz changed her name from Cruz to Darragh and she registered to vote under Darragh 4/3/1997, 3333 Allen Parkway, 2606 Houston, Texas 77019.
1997 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz divorce Houston, Harris, Texas, Feb. 13. 1997 according to Texas Divorce Index Vital Statistics 1968 – 2011.
1997 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz State Bar of Texas Registration Card #24001953
1997 Rafael “Ted” Cruz goes to work for the Law Firm of Cooper, Carvin & Rosenthal.
1999 Rafael “Ted“ Cruz works on the Bush Administration Presidential campaign.
2005 – Rafael B Cruz has publicly stated that he remained a citizen of Canada until he renounced his Canadian citizenship when he applied for and became a U.S. Naturalized citizen in 2005.
2012 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was illegally elected US Senator
2013 – Canadian officials confirm the Ted Cruz was in fact born a legal citizen of Canada, the son of two parents who had also applied for and received Canadian citizenship prior to Ted’s birth. “He’s a Canadian,”said Toronto lawyer Stephen Green, past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and immigration Section. “Generally speaking, under theCitizenship Act of 1947, those born in Canada were automatically citizens at birth unless their parent was a foreign diplomat,” said ministry spokeswoman Julie Lafortune.
2014 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, Certificate of Renunciation of Canadian Citizenship
Ted Cruz, family tree, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz, Heidi Cruz
1940 U.S. Federal Census
1968 – 2011 Texas Divorce Index
1950 – 1993 U.S. Public Records Index Vol.
11950 -1993 U.S. Public Records Index Vol. 2.
This was written by a citizen journalist and originally appeared here:
Please note the most important points that:
1) Ted’s parents were Canadian citizens. Canada did not recognize dual citizenship at that time. That means his parents had to renounce their Cuban and American citizenship. His mother might have been a British citizen but she had to renounce that as well.
2) Ted Cruz’s parents were not legally married which added burdens to his mother’s reporting requirements.
3) Ted Cruz’s father was working for the CIA before the Kennedy assassination. Ted Cruz’s campaign is under the control of the Bush family. Daddy Bush used to be CIA Director. Ted’s wife Heidi worked with Condoleeza Rice and the Bush White House.
If you liked the 8 years of Bush and the 8 years of Obama, you will love the Cruz presidency.
Hillary could go to court and have Ted Cruz removed from the ballot if he did manage to steal the nomination. She might not bother because this man is slowly but surely getting the voters mad at him.