Clinton Camp Making Huge Mistake by Suggesting Election is Already Won

, “Good luck with that”

According to Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is making a huge mistake by signaling to voters that the presidential election is already won.

During an appearance on Fox Business, the former Governor of Arkansas was asked by host Stuart Varney is there was a “strategy on behalf of the Clinton campaign, helped by the media, for the media to say she’s won already, it’s all over, maybe they’re trying to depress the vote.”

Some Trump supporters have claimed that the Clinton camp is deliberately stoking the narrative that the election result is a foregone conclusion in an effort to kill the enthusiasm behind Trump’s campaign and make his supporters think their vote is worthless.

hillaryhuckabee_small Clinton Camp Making Huge Mistake by Suggesting Election is Already Won Politics

“I think the Hillary people are making a big fundamental mistake and I hope they keep making it and here’s their mistake,” responded Huckabee, “The one thing they can’t afford to do is to take their very tepid support and somehow lose some of that people because people say ‘you know what, she’s going to win, I don’t need to go vote’….”

“The Trump supporters – look at those rallies – those people are not deterred – I don’t care if it rains 16 inches on election day and they have to swim inside the polling place, his voters are going to go and vote, and if Hillary sort of keeps chilling out her own voters and saying ‘hey go vote if you want to but heck I’ve got this thing in the bag’ – hey good luck with that,” he added.

Huckabee also took time out to slam “bed wetting Republicans” for distancing themselves from Donald Trump, asserting that running away “from the person who got more votes than anybody in the party’s history in the primary” would lead to voters leaving them to “hang and dry on election day,” calling the move a “stupid strategy”.