Collecting Delegates in True Trump Fashion

Marly P. Johnstone,

In true Trump fashion, Donald Trump is claiming victory after victory in the remaining Republican Primary races.

Last night’s sweeping wins in West Virginia and Nebraska put Trump within 102 delegates of the 1, 237 needed to claim more than 50% of the designated Republican delegates., according to Real Clear Politics. CNN reports over 430 possible delegates remain in the last 5 states to hold primaries, including 172 from California alone. Over 1053 of these are bound delegates which puts an all but permanent damper on the speculation of a  phantom third party insertion.

The RNC has been clear, it is not supporting or promoting a 3rd party creation, frequently tweeted from self described conservative pundits,  who realize such a move would only serve a Democratic candidate such as Hillary Clinton. This of course,  brings forward questions of true allegiance to these  pot-stirring celebrity wannabes.

trumpamerica2_small Collecting Delegates in True Trump Fashion

State deadlines have come and gone in most instances for the filing of a 3rd party run.  As Donald Trump continues to lay the groundwork for an impressive conservatively based team, these noisemakers  are becoming irrelevant .  And in the Trump fashion of doing things HUGE, Donald Trump continues to turnout the largest Republican base in voting history.

In fact, according to The Hill, an ABC exit poll found one third of Democrat voters in West Virginia were claiming Sanders voters, but planning to vote for Trump in the general election. The CBS News poll determined this number to be nearly 50 percent. Trump’s announcement early today on Fox News,  that he wants Paul Ryan to remain as the chair of the GOP Convention in July, signals a positive volley to the upcoming face-to-face on Thursday.

As the final cycle of GOP primary races wrap up in June, Donald Trump will continue to surprise and impress the American electorate in true Trump fashion and style.