College student who filmed professor’s anti-Trump rant fights suspension

Alyssa Madruga,

A California college student who was suspended for recording a professor during class ranting about President Trump’s election victory and how it amounted to an “act of terrorism” filed an appeal Wednesday to fight the suspension.

Caleb O’Neil, a student at Orange Coast College, was suspended for a full semester and the summer term for filming the video.

The college said the 19-year-old violated its policy by “recording any person on District Property or at any District function without that person’s knowledge or consent.”

He was also ordered to write a “three-page double spaced essay” regarding the incident, Campus Reform reported.

O’Neil videotaped his professor Olga Perez Stable Cox in December talking about Trump’s election win. She called his election “an act of terrorism.”

orangecoast_small College student who filmed professor’s anti-Trump rant fights suspension College

Cox also said in the video that, “our nation is divided as clearly as it was in civil war times.”

O’Neil, who shared the video with college Republicans, wore pro-Trump clothing in class and said he felt threatened due to his teacher’s comments.

“I pulled my phone out, because I was honestly scared that I would have repercussions with my grades because she knew I was a Trump supporter,” he said, according to The Orange County Register.

His suspension has caused mixed reactions among students at the campus.

“It’s unfair for the teacher to be secretly recorded. The student should have talked to the professor and voiced his opinions, then the fallout would’ve been avoidable,” one student told the Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a small group of people supported O’Neil, with one yelling, “You’re a hero, Caleb!”

Cox told the Washington Post in December that she was being virtually attacked by emails and Facebook messages saying, “I feel like I’ve been attacked by a mob of people all across the country.”