Coloradoans Replace Two Key State Anti-Gun Democrats With Pro-Gun Republicans In Recall Election

Earlier this year, two Colorado Democratic state legislators led the passage of sweeping anti-gun, anti-second Amendment and very restrictive pro-green energy laws.  The results of their actions caused several firearms related industries to pack up and leave the state.  The Outdoor Channel cancelled 4 programs that were being filmed in Colorado and pushed for a boycott of all outdoor recreation within the state.

gh_small Coloradoans Replace Two Key State Anti-Gun Democrats With Pro-Gun Republicans In Recall Election

The efforts of the two Obamanite liberals also resulted in eleven counties in northeast Colorado to start the process for secession from the rest of the state.  They began working towards creating the 51st state to be known as North Colorado.

The two Democrats were State Senator John Morse, President of the Senate and Senator Angela Giron.  Recall elections were launched against both state senators who fought the recall efforts in typical Democratic unethical fashion.  Voters in the counties represented by Morse and Giron had people knocking on their doors and calling them on the phone trying to persuade them to remove their names from the recall petitions.  People said they felt like they were almost being threatened by a bunch of thugs.

There had never been a recall in Colorado until this year.  Morse, who represented the residents of Colorado Springs and all of El Paso County became the first politician in state history to be voted out of office this Tuesday.  Fifty-one percent of the voters said they had had enough of Morse and his anti-American ways.  In the second half of the election, Republican Bernie Herpin received 83% of the vote to take Morse’s seat in the state senate.

The second person in state history to be voted out of office was Giron, who represented the city and county of Pueblo.  In her district, 56% of the voters chose to give her a pink slip.  In the second half of that recall election, Republican George Rivera was elected to take Giron’s senate seat with 88% of the vote.

The people of Colorado have spoken loud and clear.  I hope and pray that voters in other districts and other states follow the examples set here and start recalling all state and federal politicians that vote against the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and what America stands for.  It’s time for voters to stand up and tell their politicians to shape up or get out.  The people need to take charge of this nation, just as our Founding Fathers intended us to do.