Communities Hit Hardest by the War on Coal

Gabrielle Abdelnour, Polizette

You’ll be surprised by the 9 that made this list.

Everyone in West Virginia, aka the Heart of America’s Country, will likely remember Hillary Clinton’s recent comments regarding coal country.

Coal mine closings, layoffs, and bankruptcies have swept the region in the past few years. Coal plants have been shutting down due to strict environmental regulations, electricity demand, and the movement of changing over to natural gas. Since 2014, the United States has lost 191,000 mining industry jobs — and that number is likely to grow.

coal_train_0_small Communities Hit Hardest by the War on Coal

The intense drop in coal production in the United States has meant a budget crunch for a ton of towns and/or counties in Appalachia.

Scroll through the gallery to see which communities have been hit hardest.

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