Conservative vs. Left-Wing Tax Protests

Daniel Greenfield,

A conservative tax protest is a protest that taxes are too high, too onerous or illegal. A left-wing tax protest is a demand for more taxes on someone else. Or, in this case, a baseless accusation that someone else isn’t paying enough taxes.

It’s hard to think of a better way to summarize the fundamental differences between conservatives and the left when it comes to big government.

Conservatives protest for more freedom. Leftists protest for less freedom. Conservatives want to keep their earnings. Leftists are convinced that all their utopian projects don’t have enough money from the money tree because the “rich” aren’t losing enough of their income to big government.

Conservatives want fewer chains. Leftists insist that the problem with the chains is that not everyone is chained down hard enough.

socialists_small Conservative vs. Left-Wing Tax Protests Activism  Can Maxine Waters Even Spell Impeachment?

How short of talent are the Dems? A few names

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and… Maxine Waters. Some might ask why a confused Dem hack would become the voice of the “resistance”. A better question might be why not.

Maxine Waters has built her career on getting out there and yelling angrily about things. That makes her perfectly qualified in a political atmosphere where all the left-wing wants is angry shouting. Waters has picked up on the fact that anything involving impeachment is perfect prog-bait feeding the fantasy that President Trump will go away soon.

And so this is her hour. Show up, deliver an incomprehensible rant about Trump’s imminent impeachment and spin convoluted conspiracy theories. 

At the rally before the march, Waters vowed to fight every day until Trump is impeached and questioned the motives behind the U.S. attack on Syria. She believes Syria to be “phony tension between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, all being hyped up by the White House, still trying to distract us.”

After her speech, I asked the congresswoman whether she believes Putin and Assad were colluding to help take the heat off of Trump from the investigations into his ties with Russia. She believes that Putin and Trump are “tied at the hip;” the tension is a charade; and that the end-game is getting the oil sanctions lifted for drilling in the Arctic.

It’s all a conspiracy.

Maxine Waters keeps insisting that she’ll lead efforts to impeach President Trump even as she makes it clear that she has no idea how impeachment works. But that’s surplus to requirements. The only qualifier for left-wing leadership these days is hate. You don’t have to be able to accomplish anything. All you have to do is make your base crazy while feeding off their anger. 

Maxine has got that covered. She may not know how to spell impeachment. But she knows a sucker when she sees one.


Should they actually scare us all? Or only perhaps? Who cares. Not Maxine.