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Obamacare’s Planned Disaster and Conservatives’ Role in Averting It

Byron Schlomach, Obamacare is collapsing under the pressure of its own weight. This has been predicted by Obamacare opponents since the law was first passed, and now that premiums have skyrocketed, Obamacare’s critics are gleeful about its potentially imminent collapse. If only we could all be as happy. Obamacare was always an intentional disruption of

Dr. Ben Carson: Another Chapter in a Remarkable Career

Armstrong Williams, In recent days the media has been abuzz with speculation over cabinet appointments within the incoming President-elect Donald Trump administration. Specifically, much talk has focused on Dr. Ben Carson and his announcement that he was not interested in serving in a cabinet post. Observers have tried to read the tea leaves and read

How conservatives out-intellectualized progressives

Damon Linker, The vital center is imploding throughout the Western world. Liberal norms and institutions face a greater challenge than at any time since the end of the Second World War. And so defenders of the liberal order seek, often desperately, to remind themselves of what principles they stand for and the premises that underlie

The New Conservative Majority?

Brian Birdnow,  As we now reach the one month anniversary of Donald Trump’s wholly unexpected presidential election victory we see the emerging fallout of this win, which recounts and desperate efforts to woo electors will not change. First of all, a look at the Democratic Party shows shock and bewilderment, as the Party regulars fully

Did Cruz Help Trump Win New Hampshire?

Cortney O’Brien,  Much was made of Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s collusion toward the end of the GOP presidential primary when the two competitors decided to team up ahead of the Indiana contest. Their plan was to divide and conquer the remaining battleground states, with the conquer part not really working out. Well, we now have evidence

No, Conservatism Should Not Embrace Populism

Andrew C. McCarthy, Populism? No thanks. Many political observers are over-interpreting the message sent by Trump’s election. I am not now, nor will I ever be, a populist. Evidently, that separates me from a growing number of commentators, including some conservatives, wistfully engaged in Washington’s latest fad: over-interpreting Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential

NeverTrump ‘Conservatives’ Still Don’t Get It

PoliZette Staff, A few sour Republicans are still looking for every opportunity to snipe at the president-elect. President-Elect Trump’s upset victory on Nov. 8 was not enough for some of the self-proclaimed conservatives who have been longtime NeverTrumpers to wake-up. Ramesh Ponnuru posted a Cato Institute op-ed to National Review Online Tuesday with only the commentary “Protectionism

Conservatives Should Embrace Principled Populism

Mike Lee, By partnering, conservatives can help a President Trump decentralize power. ‘It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones,” Calvin Coolidge once said. With a unified federal government soon to be in Republican hands, however, maybe we can do a bit of both. But how? While congressional Republicans